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Trevelyan College

About Trevelyan

One of the words that will keep coming up on the website is "community". Trevs is a community in every sense of the word: our students, staff and residents are proud of the College and of its reputation for friendliness and lively atmosphere.

“Trevs, the smallest of the University’s maintained Colleges, is a close-knit academic community with a friendliness that grows out of a distinctive sense of shared purpose and endeavour.
Partly this arises from the College’s unusual architecture which, amidst its beautiful parkland setting, naturally produces almost-instant social groups; partly it arises from the amazing enthusiasm and commitment from our student body (drawn from all types of background and from all continents), which generates a sense of belonging and a desire to achieve, right from the moment students arrive at the start of their academic career.
The College’s strengths in music and the performing arts are an obvious example of this, with a calendar of wonderful events that showcase a wealth of existing talent – and that inspire people to join in and to develop their own talents through contributing to our collective endeavour, whilst having a great deal of unforgettable fun in the process. The same is true of our sporting achievements, which are out of all proportion to the College’s small size.
But we never forget our commitment to scholarly study, and the learning environment at Trevs means that academic success goes hand in hand with community – as witnessed by a string of outstanding degree results from our students, which is unparalleled anywhere in the University over the last ten years.
If you aspire to fun, friendship and fine achievement, then you’ll find these go hand-in-hand at Trevelyan College.”

Professor H.M. Evans, Principal Trevelyan College