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Trevelyan College

 Trevelyan College

Welcome to Trevelyan College!

Our College, affectionately known as 'Trevs', is the third smallest in Durham. We have around 620 undergraduate and 145 postgraduate students, and roughly 40% of those students live in College. Our small size is part of what makes us widely renowned as one of the 'friendliest colleges in Durham' - a reputation that we are proud of. Our infectious College spirit comes from the strong sense of community in Trevs which is forged, in part, by our unique 'under one roof' architecture. You will immediately feel at home at Trevs and will make friendships that will last a lifetime.


Congratulations to our BP Scholars

Emma Werner has received the BP Women in Science Award, which provides financial support to female STEM students to help funding attendance at conferences, workshops, internships etc. to build skills and awareness of positive business or academic role models in STEM careers. Emma comments: “The award will help me fund an 8 weeks internship at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) I am undertaking this summer. I will be working in Dr Stephen Baker's group, whose research is focused on enteric infectious infections endemic in South-East Asia. I have always been very interested in health issues faced in less-developed parts of the world and hope to eventually work in medical research on this sort of topic - this award will definitely help me gain invaluable work experience and be a real support for my future career plans”.


Lucy Arkinstall has received a BP Summer Research Internship in the Department of Chemistry and will be given the opportunity to present her work to BP at the end of the placement. Lucy comments: The award allows me to join Dr S. Engelskirchen and Dr H.C. Greenwell in a research group for 10 weeks over the Summer where I will be researching "Microemulsions for Improved Low Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery".


Srinath Kailasa has received a four year BP Scholarship to assist with his undergraduate studies: Srinath comments: “Winning the award has been fantastic. It'll go a long way to supporting my living costs whilst at University. Additionally the links it offers with BP offer a path into the energy sector, something I've been looking to go into after graduation”.


Emily Williams has received a BP Summer Research Internship in the Department of Physics. Emily comments: I'm really pleased to have been given the opportunity to do a BP Summer Research Internship. I will be doing a condensed matter physics project on phase separation at the interface between solids and liquids. I am looking forward to working on an experiment in a research environment".

(11 Apr 2014)

Why come  to Trevs?

  • Small and friendly: We are one of the smallest colleges and most of our facilities and accommodation are housed under one roof. This gives Trev's a real homely, community feel; we are known for being particularly friendly and relaxed.
  • Fantastic range of opportunities: Despite being small, we have an exceptionally wide variety of clubs, societies and sports teams that you can join, whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast.
  • Renowned for our strong arts and music scene: We are well-known for our superb music groups, our performing arts societies and our fine arts. We have orchestras, choirs and bands of all genres as well as the Hill College Theatre Company and our annual art competition.

So come and join the Trevs Family! Watch our college film - 'The Trevelyan Challenge' - or take a look at our 360 degree panoramas to get to know us a little better.

Contact Details

Trevelyan College
Durham University
Elvet Hill Road

General enquiries: 0191 334 7000/7011

Admissions and Enquiries from Prospective Applicants: 0191 334 7057

Making a difference

Trevelyan College student, Enya Doyle (left), becomes one of the first ever recipients of national peace awards in recognition of her contribution to peace in Northern Ireland