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Trevelyan College

Trevelyan College

Trevelyan College Rugby Club event

Trevelyan College is dismayed and appalled at the ill-conceived and disgracefully disrespectful event that had been privately planned by members of the College’s Rugby Club, and deeply regrets the understandable distress and offence that has a result been given to the wider community in Durham and further afield.

The College immediately began investigative action prior to the disciplinary proceedings that must now follow, and the Rugby Club and all its events and activities both on and off the field have been indefinitely suspended, effective from Sunday 26th November, pending the outcome of those proceedings.

The offending event was conceived in profound and inexcusable ignorance of the historical context of the mining communities, and of the lasting hurt to which the events of 1984 gave rise. A programme of education, concerning the region’s proud traditions, and the national importance of the endeavours and sacrifices of those working the Durham coalfields, is to be put in place for the benefit not only of those students directly involved but also of the wider sporting fraternities and student communities

The event was planned without the knowledge of the College Officers or staff, the wider student body, senior members or friends of the College, or the College Alumni, all of whom will be united in condemning and repudiating it, and in offering our sincere collective apology to all those to whom distress was understandably caused.

Specific apologies from the Rugby Club to the Durham Miners’ Association and other representative bodies will follow. The College greatly appreciates the Durham Miners’ Association’s generous acknowledgement of our having taken timely initial action.

The reckless actions of an unrepresentative few naturally gain attention, and obscure the fact that the vast majority of our student members value the privilege of study at a prestigious University located in the heart of Durham. Far more representative of our students is the fact that last year Trevelyan students completed over 1,600 hours of voluntary work in community engagement projects in the locality. We hope and believe that, over time, it is for this that the College will be more widely known.

H M Evans


27th November 2017

 Trevelyan College

Welcome to Trevelyan College!

Our College, affectionately known as 'Trevs', is the third smallest in Durham. We have around just over 650 undergraduate and 145 postgraduate students, and roughly 40% of those students live in College. Our small size is part of what makes us widely renowned as one of the 'friendliest colleges in Durham' - a reputation that we are proud of. Our infectious College spirit comes from the strong sense of community in Trevs which is forged, in part, by our unique 'under one roof' architecture. You will immediately feel at home at Trevs and will make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Portraits of our Former Principals by Jonathan Parker

The Principal, SCR Vice-President, JCR President and MCR President at the 50th Anniversary Joint Formal on 26 January 2016



We are very proud to announce that

Drs Badger, Middleton, Ross, Walton and Wardlow (Trevelyan alumni) are all now concurrent

recipients of the STFCs Ernest Rutherford Fellowship:

The Ernest Rutherford Fellowships enable early career researchers with clear leadership potential to establish a strong, independent research programme and are 5 years of personal fellowship funding. As such, they are highly competitive, with only a dozen or so being offered annually. 

This is a truelly outstanding achievement.


(1 Nov 2017)

Why come  to Trevs?

  • Small and friendly: We are one of the smallest colleges and most of our facilities and accommodation are housed under one roof. This gives Trev's a real homely, community feel; we are known for being particularly friendly and relaxed.
  • Renowned for our strong arts and music scene: We are well-known for our superb music groups, our performing arts societies and our fine arts. We have orchestras, choirs and bands of all genres as well as the Hill College Theatre Company and our annual art competition.
  • Fantastic range of opportunities: Despite being small, we have an exceptionally wide variety of clubs, societies and sports teams that you can join, whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast.

So come and join the Trevs Family! Look at our 360 degree panoramas to get to know us a little better.

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Trevelyan College
Durham University
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General enquiries: 0191 334 7000/7011

Admissions and Enquiries from Prospective Applicants: 0191 334 7057