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Department of Theology and Religion



Due to the generosity of the Hild Bede Trust we have available a number of scholarships for people who wish to study in our department.

These scholarships are intended to encourage students from the local area, especially those from less well-off backgrounds, to study in our department. Accordingly, the only conditions that applicants for these scholarships must meet is having a home address within the (Anglican) Dioceses of Durham and Newcastle and a family income of less than £42,600 (thus students must reside within this area, but they do not have to meet any religious test). We will also prioritise those whose family income is more than £25,000 as we recognise that other forms of financial support are available to students from students coming from families below that level.

We are hoping that for each of the next two years we will award four scholarships worth £5,000. These scholarships are for one year. Should we have more eligible candidates then we may award a larger number of scholarships, but of a smaller amount.

The committee making final decisions about these scholarships will meet in March, and students will thus know before they have to make their final commitments. The full terms and conditions of these scholarships are available on request. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with our admissions team, Dr Johnathan Miles-Watson ( and Dr Jane Heath (