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Durham University


Under 18s Policy

If you have received a condition as part of your Durham offer to complete our under 18s (or parent/guardian consent) form, this can be found here.

This will need to be completed and signed by your parent/guardian, and please follow these instructions by 30 June 2021. Please note, we will be unable to confirm whether you have met your offer conditions without this.

The Durham University Colleges are occupied principally by students over the age of 18. As such they comprise adult environments. However, in some cases, the University admits students who are 17 at the start of their degree programme but who will turn 18 before 1 September following their registration at the University. If the University makes an offer to such students, a condition of the offer will be the return of a form signed by the student’s parent or guardian and the student themselves, agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions set out below. Students who will not turn 18 years of age before 1 September following their registration at the University will not be offered entry.

Students entering the University under 18 years of age are normally resident in one of the University Colleges in the first year of their degree programme, as is the case for all first year undergraduates.

The University’s policy below outlines the extent and the scope of support we offer to students who are under the age of 18 at the point of admission and the expectations placed upon students and their parents/guardians.

All students entering the University should recognise that they are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the University and of the College to which they are admitted. These rules are set out on the University’s website and also in the student handbooks of the individual Colleges.

Students aged under 18 who accept a place in a College thereby signify their agreement to abide by the terms of this policy.

Students aged under 18 will be offered the same terms, conditions and pricing as those who are over 18.

If you have any questions relating to the accommodation of students under 18 please contact our Enquiries Team in the first instance using our enquiry form.

  • Students aged under 18 will normally be placed in single rooms in their College. Some Colleges are able to offer en-suite accommodation and single gender provision, which may be offered to under 18 year olds where available.
  • Colleges will allocate a named individual who can provide support and advice to a student under 18. This person will meet with the student concerned at the beginning of each academic term until they are 18 and at intervals in between as agreed with the student.
  • All students are encouraged to report any bullying or harassment. If appropriate, any bullying or harassment experienced by any student will be dealt with in accordance with the Durham University Harassment policy. In addition, for students under the age of 18, any information which raises child protection concerns will be addressed in accordance with the University’s child protection procedures.
  • We will take all reasonable measures to ensure as far as practicable that current laws and licensing requirements on the purchase and consumption of alcohol are complied with in Colleges and on other University premises.
  • All Colleges offer comprehensive student support and welfare services. However, parents or guardians retain parental responsibility for students under the age of 18 and are therefore primarily responsible for the welfare of their child.
  • Emergency cover is provided in College 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a porter on duty at all times. All students will be given an appropriate emergency number from where they can summon assistance in an emergency.
  • Students will be required to administer their own medication. If a student under 18 requires care arising from ill health, they may be required to return home.
  • We reserve the right to contact the parents/guardians of a student under the age of 18 to speak about any aspects of the student’s behaviour, wellbeing or health, if we believe that the student is at risk and that contacting their parents will help to ameliorate that risk.
  • College staff will not supervise every aspect of a student’s life. For instance, we will not check what time they are returning home.
  • Parents/guardians are liable for any disciplinary or damage charges imposed on the student before he/she reaches the age of 18.