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Meet the team

Name Position Email
Laura Dorian Interim Co-Director of Careers & Enterprise
Donna Hay Interim Co-Director of Careers & Enterprise
Olivia Clark Team Administrator

Digital Services

Name Position Email
Donna Hay

Education Division Teaching and Learning Business Partner
Clare Ebdon Data and Systems Manager
Maedeh Mohammadi Employability Data Analyst
Stephanie Barton Information Services Manager
Hazel Marsay Careers Information Facilitator (Wed-Thu)
Eleanor Routledge Careers Information Facilitator (Wed-Fri)
Claire Wilson Careers Information Facilitator (Mon-Wed)
Jessica O'Brien Administration Senior Assistant jessica.n.o'

Careers Advisers

Name Position Email
David Henderson Postgraduate Careers Adviser
Peter Fox Careers Adviser
Mark Corcoran Careers Adviser
Adelle Fairclough Careers Adviser
Stephen Nash Careers Adviser
Heather Rutland Careers Adviser
Melanie Tyson Careers Adviser

Employer Services

Name Position Email
Laura Smith Employer Services Manager
Kathryn Addison Fairs & Finance Coordinator
Ann Herzog Employer Engagement Coordinator
Natalie Craig Employer Events Coordinator (job share)
Esther Banev Employer Events Coordinator (job share)
Catherine Howe Employer Engagement Administrator
Anita Lowe Student Employment Service Coordinator

Work-Based Learning

Name Position Email
Laura Dorian Senior Manager - Work-Based Learning and Employer Engagement
Victoria Cawkwell Work Experience Development Manager (Mon-Wed)
Lucy Morris Work Experience Development Manager (Wed-Fri)
Barbara Dick Social Sciences Faculty Placement Manager
Alex McNinch (nee Sedgwick) Business Faculty Placement Manager
Gemma Messenger Arts & Humanities Faculty Placement Manager
Ashleigh Baty Science Faculty Placement Manager
Duncan McDonald Internships & Industry Manager - Computer Science
David Morland Global Internships Manager
Donna Carr DICE Project Manager
Gemma Niles DICE Project Administrator

Employability and Skills Development

Name Position Email
Christine Bohlander Employability Development Manager


Name Position Email
Marek Tokarski Senior Enterprise Manager
Rachel Bickerdike Enterprise Manager
Chris Gilman Enterprise Manager
Paul Stafford Postgraduate Enterprise Manager
Kirsty Green Enterprise Team Administrator

The Careers & Enterprise Centre is not part of a combined careers service but does work with GTI and Jisc to support the career activities of our students and graduates.