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Durham University

Stephenson College

Student Bursaries

A Stephenson Student Bursary

This is a sum of money given to students (registered undergraduates or postgraduates of Stephenson College) to enable them to pursue an extra curricula activity that they may not otherwise been able to pursue. This is to encourage students to broaden their interests and abilities beyond their course of study and to further their personal development during their degree.

There are two FUND CATEGORIES to which you can apply for a bursary: -

  • Individual personal development (to a maximum of £500)
  • Group application/ Common Room/ Society application* (to a maximum of £1000)

*We recommend that you apply to the JCR for funds first. Contact

How do I/we apply? . . . .

Please submit a written application of no more than 800 words accompanied by an application form. Applications and forms should be submitted (electronically or hard copy) to the College Reception or via by one of the three published deadlines.

Deadlines for 2018-19:
Monday 12 November 2018
Monday 11 February 2019
Monday 10 June 2019

Reminders will go to students via email from the JCR President and College.

In your application you should explain fully:

  • What the project/travel is that you will take part in
  • When you are going to be undertaking the project/travel
  • What else you believe you will gain from the project/travel
  • What benefits there are to a community or the environment
  • How you propose to feedback to fellow students about your experience (see below).
  • The total costs of the project/travel;
    • the amount you are applying to the fund for (with a detailed breakdown of costs if possible).
    • The intended use of any amount awarded
    • How you plan to fund the remaining costs of the travel/project

Please note:

If you are made an award from the Bursary fund, you may either create a bursary poster to be used in College promotions, or write an article for the College blog, detailing your venture, experiences and benefits gained, or propose an alternative method of feedback.

If you are a finalist student and are successful in applying for an award, 50% of the award will be paid prior to your project/travel and the remaining 50% will only be made when you fulfil this feedback obligation.



  1. Bursaries may only be awarded to a registered student of Stephenson College.

  2. The offer is conditional to you signing the declaration.

  3. To adhere to the University Regulations, please make sure that all receipts or copies thereof for the Bursary received are handed to our College Finance Officer within 10 days of the start of the Term following completion of your activity.

  4. Please ensure that you have any necessary insurance in place, as the College or University cannot be held responsible in any way.

  5. A Bursary is only for the use of the individual or group that applied for it and for the activity detailed in the application.