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Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry+44 (0) 191 33 42598


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2003 – 2007  BA & MSci Natural Sciences University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall

2007 – 2010  PhD, under the supervision of Prof. R.M. Lambert, University of Cambridge

[The focus of this work was in the heterogeneous catalysis of synthetic transformations (such as enantioselective hydrogenation and C-C coupling) – of relevance to process chemists for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.]

2010 – 2012  PDRA, Gabor Somorjai, University of California, Berkeley

[The focus of this work was on the use of colloidally prepared nanoparticles as model catalysts for understanding heterogeneously catalyzed bulk chemical transformations, such as Fischer-Trospch, hydrocarbon hydrogenation, and CO2 hydrogenation. This work included extensive use of the Advanced Light Source synchrotron facility for a range of in situ X-ray spectroscopies.]

2012  2012  Compact GTL Ltd. Knowledge Transfer Scholarship

2012 – date  Department of Chemistry, Durham University.


Initially appointed to prestigious Leverhulme Trust and Addison Wheeler fellowships, SKB established his own independent research programme supported by a mixture of national, EU and industry funding. He was appointed as a University Lecturer in 2015, and promoted to Associate Professor in 2021.

Research undertaken spans many aspects of heterogeneous catalysis, predominantly focused on exploitation of fundamental mechanistic understanding in the development of new, better (greener, more efficient, more selective) chemistry and catalytic processes. This is often achieved through adoption of nanomaterials as well defined catalyst models and using new in situ spectroscopic tools to probe catalytic materials under working conditions.

Current research topics include:
  • Fischer-Tropsch
  • Biomass to useful chemicals transformations (e.g., furfural hydrogenation)
  • Methane activation
  • Ethylene and Higher Olefin Epoxidation
  • In situ x-ray spectroscopy techniques
  • In situ DRIFTS (Diffuse Reflectance IR spectroscopy)
  • In situ Raman Techniques
  • Bimetallic structures
  • Diffusion processes in catalysis
  • Solid acid and base catalysis

Current vacancies

Current vacancies are advertised on the departmental website and either for PDRA roles or findaPhD for funded studentships.

Informal enquiries about working with me in the area of hetereogeneous catalysis are also always welcome.

There are a number of schemes it may be possible to support very strong candidates in applying for, but these are very competitive, so please outline the scheme you believe you should apply for and why you meet the eligibility criteria when you contact me (and keep in mind there may be university selection processes in advance of the scheme deadline, so do make contact early on).


SKB undertakes teaching in 1st year laboratory classes, 1st and 2nd year tutorial groups and 3rd and 4th year lectures and workshop classes. All specific details and support material can now be found within modules on the learn ultra site: Learn ULTRA

Selected Publications
  • Gyton, M. R.; Royle, C. G.; Beaumont, S. K.; Duckett, S. B.; Weller, A. S. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145, 2619–2629. 'Mechanistic Insights into Molecular Crystalline Organometallic Heterogeneous Catalysis through Parahydrogen-Based Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies'
  • Ou, X.; Daly, H.; Fan, X.; Beaumont, S.; Chansai, S.; Garforth, A.; Xu, S.; Hardacre, C. ACS Catalysis 2022, 12, 7598-7608. 'High-Ionic-Strength Wastewater Treatment via Catalytic Wet Oxidation over a MnCeOx Catalyst'
  • Ou, X.; Daly, H.; Chansai, S.; Beaumont, S.; Fan, X.; Hardacre, C. Catalysis Communications 2022, 106395. 'Effect of concentrated NaCl on catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) of short chain carboxylic acids'
  • Taylor, M. J.; Beaumont, S. K.; Islam, M. J.; Tsatsos, S.; Parlett, C. A. M.; Issacs, M. A.; Kyriakou, G. Applied Catalysis, B: Environmental 2021, 284, 119737. 'Atom efficient PtCu bimetallic catalysts and ultra dilute alloys for the selective hydrogenation of furfural'
  • Song, Y.; Beaumont, S. K.; Zhang, X. G.; Wilson, K.; Lee, A. F. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2020, 22, 29-38. 'Catalytic applications of layered double hydroxides in biomass valorisation'
  • MacIntosh, K. L.; Beaumont, S. K. Topics in Catalysis 2020, 63, 1446-1462. 'Nickel-Catalysed Vapour-Phase Hydrogenation of Furfural, Insights into Reactivity and Deactivation' 10.1007/s11244-020-01341-9
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  • Cheah, K. W.; Taylor, M. J.; Osatiashtiani, A.; Beaumont, S. K.; Nowakowski, D. J.; Yusup, S.; Bridgwater, A. V.; Kyriakou, G. Catalysis Today 2020, 355, 882-892. 'Monometallic and bimetallic catalysts based on Pd, Cu and Ni for hydrogen transfer deoxygenation of a prototypical fatty acid to diesel range hydrocarbons'
  • Bieber, V. S.; Ozcelik, E.; Cox, H. J.; Ottley, C. J.; Ratan, J. K.; Karaman, M.; Tabakci, M.; Beaumont, S. K.; Badyal, J. P. S. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, 12, 52136-52145. 'Capture and Release Recyclable Dimethylaminomethyl-Calixarene Functional Cloths for Point-of-Use Removal of Highly Toxic Chromium Water Pollutants'
  • Beaumont, S. K. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2020, 22, 18747-18756. 'Soft XAS as an in situ technique for the study of heterogeneous catalysts'
  • Kyriakou, G.; Márquez, A. M.; Holgado, J. P.; Taylor, M. J.; Wheatley, A. E. H.; Mehta, J. P.; Fraser, A. E.; Fernández Sanz, J.; Beaumont, S. K.; Lambert, R. M. ACS Catalysis 2019, 9, 4919-4929. 'Comprehensive Experimental and Theoretical Study of the CO + NO Reaction Catalyzed by Au/Ni Nanoparticles'
  • Jiang, S.; Cox, H. J.; Papaioannou, E. I.; Tang, C.; Liu, H.; Murdoch, B. J.; Gibson, E. K.; Metcalfe, I. S.; Evans, J. S. O.; Beaumont, S. K. Nanoscale 2019, 11, 14929-14936. 'Shape-persistent porous organic cage supported palladium nanoparticles as heterogeneous catalytic materials'
  • Wilson, M.; Kore, R.; Ritchie, A. W.; Fraser, R. C.; Beaumont, S. K.; Srivastava, R.; Badyal, J. P. S. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2018, 545, 78-85. 'Palladium–poly(ionic liquid) membranes for permselective sonochemical flow catalysis'
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