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Dr Ran Zhang

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Archaeology
Department Rep (Archaeology) in the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies


My Study

I specialize in analysing archaeological materials using chronological and quantitative statistical techniques, particularly focusing on the themes of ceramic manufacturing techniques, art appreciation, archaeological identification, values, and trade. As both a ceramicist and an archaeologist, I am interested in studying the historical, social, economic, and cultural adaptations that occurred during the early globalization of Eurasia in the medieval period. My research aims to understand the social, economic, cultural, and artistic changes that accompanied the development of long-distance trade between ancient China, the Islamic World, and Europe. Specifically, I use a combination of archaeological evidence related to ceramics and their distributions to assess changes in the early global world's modes, including trade, cultural influences, value changes, and technical development. Through this approach, I aim to shed light on the development and nature of interactions among different civilizations in medieval Eurasia.

Research interests

  • Social and economic development of the historical period of China
  • Maritime activities in Medieval Eurasia
  • Analysis methodologies, ceramic chronology, and the application of quantitative methods in archaeology
  • Chinese archaeology
  • Value studies in archaeology
  • Visual culture, fine arts, and art appreciation (ceramics)
  • Museum artefact studies


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