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Member of the Department of Music  


Rafael (Ardi) Echevarria is a musicologist and music theorist specialising innineteenth-century musical form and musicology's disciplinary debates. Ardi earned First Class Honours and Masters degrees from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and is completing a PhD at Durham University, supported by the Northern Bridge Consortium and the Ramsay Centre. He has worked with Sydney Conservatorium’s musicology division and the Australian National University’s School of Music. Ardi has presented at multiple national and international conferences, earning 2nd Prize at the Musicological Society of Australia’s 2019 Student Paper Awards. He currently serves as secretary for the MSA’s Sydney chapter and was part of the organising committee for its 2021 national conference.  

Invited Talks
Scholarships and Awards
  • Northern Bridge Consortium: Doctoral Training Partnership Studentship
  • World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Eleanor Sophia Wood Postgraduate Research Travelling Scholarship
  • Australian Government Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship
  • University of Sydney Honours Scholarship
  • David Harold Tribe Postgraduate Research Fellowship – Symphony
  • Busby Musical Scholarship
  • Musicological Society of Australia Student Delegate Conference Paper Award – Second Prize

Research interests

  • Music Theory
  • Musicology
  • Musical Form
  • Nineteenth-century Music
  • Music Philosophy


Journal Article

  • Echevarria, Rafael (2018). Parsing Parsifal: Wagner’s Erotic Kunstreligion. Sydney Undergraduate Journal of Musicology 8: 3–22.