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Dr Mark Chambers

Teaching Fellow

Teaching Fellow in the Department of English Studies
Member of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies


Tudor Theatre: Vol. 6 (Collection THETA): Centre D'Etudes: Books

Overview and Research

I am currently a Teaching Fellow in the department, providing lecturing, seminar teaching and tutorials on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. My primary research interest is in medieval and early Tudor drama, and especially interdisciplinary approaches to premodern performance history. I also have research interest in late medieval material culture (e.g. cloth and clothing) and late medieval language contact. 

At present, I am preparing a monograph on Performing Disability in Premodern Britain for ARC Humanities Press, to be published in 2024. This major study of performance history examines the nature and socialisation of 'disabled' performers in the medieval and early Tudor records. It takes a new approach to the study of the evidence for, and conceptualisation of 'impairment', as a performative act, in the premodern records and play texts. The study sheds new light on historic performance culture, reflecting on what that culture might tell us about the continued 'othering' of disability in society today.

I am also co-editing (with Professor John McKinnell) the Records of Early English Drama series for County Durham. The first traunch of this substantial collection of records for performance in the county are due to be published by REED, Toronto within the next two years ( For more on this long-running international series, see

From, 2012-13, I was a Teaching Fellow at The University of Birmingham. I also acted as Research Consultant on the Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Project based at the University of Westminster, London, UK ( I have also served as Research Assistant on a parallel, Leverhulme-funded project: the Medieval Dress and Textile Vocabulary in Unpublished Sources Project, in collaboration with Professor Louise Sylvester and Professor Gale Owen-Crocker.

I have published widely on material culture and historical philology and continue conducting research on fashion and sumptuary legislation in the 14th through the 16th centuries, especially the lexicology of medieval fashion and dress.


I currently provide lecturing, seminar & tutorial teaching and mentoring on the undergraduate modules on Chaucer, Intro to Drama, Medieval Literature, Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, and Old French. I also teach on the MA RMR seminar.

Previous to joining the team in Durham in 2013, I provided lecturing and further teaching, primarily on medieval and Renaissance English language and literature, at the University of Durham (2001-2), Trinity College Dublin, University of Westminster and the University of Birmingham.

Research interests

  • Early English Drama
  • Late-Medieval Language Contact
  • Medieval Clothing and Fashion


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