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Dr Keith Begley

Teaching Fellow

M.A. (Dubl.), Ph.D., H.Dip., M.Sc.

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Philosophy


Dr Keith Begley

My research is primarily in the following areas: philosophy of computer science and artificial intelligence; philosophy of language and linguistics, in particular the philosophy of Jerrold J. Katz; history of philosophy, especially Ancient (Heraclitus) and Analytic philosophy (Wittgenstein); and computational philology, applying computer programs to parse ancient texts.

I hold an M.A. and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin (2016). I also hold a H.Dip. (2021) and an M.Sc. (2022) in computer science from University College Dublin, The National University of Ireland, Dublin. I have held positions as an Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy at Maynooth University (2022/23); Demonstrator in Computer Science at UCD (2021/22); and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at TCD (2017–2020).