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John Paul Gosling

Professor, Statistics

PhD University of Sheffield

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Professor, Statistics in the Department of Mathematical SciencesMSC3068+44 (0) 191 33 43058
Fellow in the Durham Research Methods Centre  
Associate Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study  

Research interests

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Expert knowledge elicitation
  • Robust analyses

Research groups

  • Statistics


Chapter in book

  • Gosling, John Paul (2018). SHELF: the Sheffield elicitation framework. In Elicitation. Springer, Cham. 61-93.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Gosling, John Paul (2005). Elicitation: a nonparametric view. University of Sheffield. PhD.

Journal Article

  • Vernon, I. & Gosling, J.P. (2022). A Bayesian Computer Model Analysis of Robust Bayesian Analyses. Bayesian Analysis 1-33.
  • Holzhauer, Björn, Hampson, Lisa V, Gosling, John Paul, Bornkamp, Björn, Kahn, Joseph, Lange, Markus R, Luo, Wen-Lin, Brindicci, Caterina, Lawrence, David, Ballerstedt, Steffen & others (2022). Eliciting judgements about dependent quantities of interest: The SHeffield ELicitation Framework extension and copula methods illustrated using an asthma case study. Pharmaceutical Statistics 21(5): 1005-1021.
  • Pope, Christopher A, Gosling, John Paul, Barber, Stuart, Johnson, Jill S, Yamaguchi, Takanobu, Feingold, Graham & Blackwell, Paul G (2021). Gaussian process modeling of heterogeneity and discontinuities using Voronoi tessellations. Technometrics 63(1): 53-63.
  • Pina-Sánchez, Jose & Gosling, John Paul (2020). Tackling selection bias in sentencing data analysis: a new approach based on a scale of severity. Quality \& Quantity 54(3): 1047-1073.
  • Punt, Ans, Firman, James, Boobis, Alan, Cronin, Mark, Gosling, John Paul, Wilks, Martin F, Hepburn, Paul A, Thiel, Anette & Fussell, Karma C (2020). Potential of ToxCast data in the safety assessment of food chemicals. Toxicological Sciences 174(2): 326-340.
  • Wittwehr, Clemens, Blomstedt, Paul, Gosling, John Paul, Peltola, Tomi, Raffael, Barbara, Richarz, Andrea-Nicole, Sienkiewicz, Marta, Whaley, Paul, Worth, Andrew & Whelan, Maurice (2020). Artificial Intelligence for chemical risk assessment. Computational Toxicology 13: 100114.
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