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Francesca Salvatori

Part-Time Teacher

Part-Time Teacher in the Department of Classics and Ancient History 


I completed my BA in Classics (Latin Language and Literature – 2018) and my MA in Classical Philology (Latin Language and Literature – 2020) at Sapienza University of Rome, working on Lucan in my BA dissertation and on Ovid in my MA dissertation. My PhD in Classics at Durham University started in October 2022 and is funded by the AHRC – Northern Bridge Consortium.



Doctoral Research Project

My doctoral research analyses Ovid’s Ibis as a true example of Roman elegy through a linguistic pragmatic approach. Additionally, it aims to present some relevant results for the research field of Roman elegy. The Ibis, with its various threads linking to its Greek models and various further influences, its role within Ovid’s poetic work, its fundamental political and autobiographical aspects, has been traditionally interpreted as an outsider within Ovid’s poetry and the elegiac genre and remains a surprisingly understudied text within Ovid’s poetic work. My thesis addresses the poem’s many interpretive issues within the main topic of the relationship between the aggressive content of the Ibis and its elegiac form; my method analyses the Ibis’s communicative context through a linguistic pragmatic approach and compares it to other types of elegies, investigating the goals of communication through the use of language and literary features (including invectives, lament and catalogues of mythical exempla) and within the relationship between characters.