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Eirini Tzouma

Academic Development Advisor

Academic Development Advisor in the Durham Centre for Academic Development (DCAD)
Adviser in the Department of Anthropology 



I have been teaching at Durham University since 2019 and I have been lucky enough to work with a variery of student groups - including learners at a foundation level to those pursuing their doctoral studies. I am an Academic Devlopment Advisor at Durham Centre for Academic Development (DCAD) and a PhD Candidate in the Anthropology Department. From a pedagogic perspective, I am dedicated to creating inclusive and interactive educational spaces, while as a researcher I am passionate about language, gender, decolonialism and ethics. I am happy to discuss about any of these topics, so feel free to contact me via email if you wish.

Research interests

  • Decoloniality
  • Ethnography
  • Gender Studies
  • Language
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Social Anthropology