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Anastasia Moumtzaki

PhD Research

PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures


The Language of the Crisis / Semiology of the Crisis

Being a journalist for almost 15 years, and having covered the Greek financial crisis for Greek and international newspapers and TV channels, I witnessed the inability of the media to shed light to reality and open effectively a new perspective in critical times for the society. This, I suggest, happened not only due to the complexity of the financial news, but also because of a structural lack of significations and meaning, that tends to be associated with our digital era. 

My PhD research, at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures in the University of Durham, aims to approach, through the theories of Bernard Stiegler, Roland Barthes, Derrida's deconstruction, as well as other theories related to media, semiotics and post-structuralism, the way media present reality and how 'mythologies', as Barthes puts it, were developed during the crisis, establishing a system of insufficient social understanding and putting at stake political thinking and the future of society in general. 

Research interests

  • Media theory, Digital studies, Semiotics, Post-structuralism and language