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Durham University

South College

South College Pioneer Scholarship

Could you be a South College Pioneer?

South College, the seventeenth member of Durham's family of colleges, will welcome its first students in October 2020. I am determined that it should be a distinctive, friendly and inclusive place in which to live, learn and make friends for life. Above all, I believe South must engage with the world and attract talented students who can make lasting contributions in Durham, throughout the UK and beyond.

If you would like to be part of the pioneering family who will build this new community and give it a unique spirit and identity, the South College Pioneer Scholarships are designed to help and reward your efforts. To thrive and contribute, South must become a fully engaged member of the Durham community from day one. Only by taking advantage of all the university offers can it make a distinctive contribution that will enhance Durham's collegiate system.

Help build a new college community

I am looking for 120 enthusiastic and dedicated Durham students who would like to transfer to South College and work with me to create an ambitious and inspiring environment. If you have particular skills or experience in music, drama or sport; if you care passionately about engagement or love organising balls; if you enjoy speaking in debates or booking inspiring speakers, please apply. You may have a passion for formal dinners or a new idea for student journalism. You might prefer quietly to work with our new students. Each scholarship is worth £500. This payment, which will be applied as a reduction in your rent, will reward students who will live in South's great new accommodation and give time to welcome freshers, create societies and build traditions.

Who can apply?
Full or Part Time Durham undergraduates who will enter their second, third or fourth year of study in October 2020.

Durham PGT or PGR students entering their second or subsequent year of study in October 2020.

What the scholarship involves
An award of £500 in return for a year long commitment to help build the character, identity and life of South College. Such contributions might involve supporting the launch of societies or clubs. Leadership in the launch of activities such as team sport or drama, music or debating. Experience in the management of student social events including balls, bops, concerts and formal dinners will be welcome. Ideas for new ways to develop Durham college traditions will be welcome too.

The scholarship will be awarded on merit and will be applied as a rent reduction. Each student who is awarded a scholarship will be entitled to describe themselves as a South College Pioneer Scholar.

Criteria for applicants
Applicants must be committed to living in South College throughout the academic year 2020/21.

Applicants must demonstrate that they care deeply about Durham's Collegiate system and appreciate its value.

Personal Details

This has 9 digits and starts 000, e.g. 000012345.

College Life contribution
Please tell us about your proposed contribution to the launch and life of South College.
Please provide contact details for a reference
Privacy Notice
All personal data submitted here will be processed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation and the South College Privacy Notice for Students.

Privacy Policy & Data Protection

The personal information held by Durham University will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining contact with you regarding your arrival information, no personal information will be supplied to third parties. All personal details held by Durham University will be removed from its database at your request.

For more information on the privacy policy relating to student data held by Durham University, please visit the university student privacy policy page:

Two stages.
Following consideration of their applications and references, applicants who are successful at the first stage will be invited to interview with a panel chaired by the Principal of South College.


Please complete the online Application Form above. Tell me why you are an ideal South College Pioneer. What can you bring to Durham's new college? South College has an opportunity to create a new chapter in Durham's history.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me, I look forward to meeting you.

Professor Tim Luckhurst MA, FRSA
Principal South College,
Associate Pro Vice C​hancellor (Engagement)
07711 684316