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Solid state NMR Service

Sample Submission

This information is specifically for users, in UK universities (not Durham), of our data-only Service.

We have introduced a special price band for UK academic users. If you are putting together a grant application and will need solid-state NMR measurements please remember to include the cost of these measurements.

Prices are calculated from a per measurement charge plus a charge per hour of instrument time:

Per measurement


Per hour of instrument time


Solid-state NMR measurement times vary considerably. If you have not already, please contact the Service for an estimate of the time required (price) for your measurement(s).

Terms and Conditions of Service

All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT. By submitting your samples to the Durham Solid-state NMR Service, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

If you accept our Terms & Conditions please indicate this using the sample submission form below. Otherwise, please get in touch so we can discuss alternatives.

Sample Submission

To submit samples please complete the sample submission form below. When you send your samples make sure they are labelled so that we can identify them as yours.

The Samples

For most measurements we would like 100 mg of material. For some measurements we might ask for up to 250 mg. If you cannot provide 100 mg please discuss the options with us.

We prefer dry, air-stable powders. The particle size is not critical - anything under about 0.2 mm is usually fine enough. We can also look at films and fibres (we will cut them up so that they fit in a rotor). Large blocks of sample will need to be broken up (discuss this with us).

Please talk to us before sending samples that are: air-sensitive, water or solvent containing, soft, paramagnetic (including paramagnetic impurities), conducting or that would present a serious health risk if released.

Acceptance of samples

The Service reserves the right to decline to measure samples:
(i) on health and safety grounds, (ii) that may cause damage to instrumentation, (iii) if there is insufficient instrument capacity.

Sample Submission Form
The samples


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