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Solid state NMR Service

Solid state NMR Service

 Solid state NMR Service

Solid state NMR is a powerful, but subtle, technique for the characterisation of solid materials. It is strongly complementary to diffraction-based techniques (which are sensitive to long-range ordering) in that it probes local chemical environments and so can be applied successfully to all manner of materials whether crystalline or not, homogeneous or not. However, the equipment required to fully exploit the technique is specialised, and considerable expertise is required to use the technique effectively. The Durham Solid State NMR Research Service provides both access to state-of-the-art solid-state NMR instrumentation and over 30 years of experience in providing its users with detailed and interpreted results.


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Solid state NMR Service
Durham University
Department of Chemistry
Lower Mountjoy
Stockton Road
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