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Durham Centre for Soft Matter

Past Events

Soft Matters Events 2016 - 17



10th October 2016
Smart Polymer Processing 2016, St Mary's College, Durham University

If you are a polymer using international companies, SME, academic or polymer user organisations interested in polymer processing, join us to find out the latest advances in the field. The programme will contain:

  • The latest results from using ‘Smart Polymer Processing’ (SPP) tools in industry-university collaborations
  • Presentations confirmed from Dow Chemicals, Lucite International and Synthomer)
  • Presentation and discussion of ways to access SPP tools and expertise in future
  • The latest advances, with presentations from Leeds University, Durham University, University College London, Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership)
  • The launch of a new web site to help the user community access SPP expertise

Full programme details are available here.

If you wish to attend this FREE event, please register here. Registration Deadline: 30th September 2016.

For any queries relating to this event please contact Tel: 0191 334 3210

Soft Matter Events 2014-15



3rd December 2014

Mini Symposium: Particles at Interfaces

Organiser: Prof. Colin Bain, Department of Chemistry

17-18th December 2014

British Society of Rheology's Midwinter Meeting:Active and complex Fuids

Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan's College, Durham University

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Raymond Goldstein, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Ramin Golestanian, University of Oxford
  • Dr Ignacio Pagonabarraga, University of Barcelona

Invited Speakers

  • Dr Rhoda Hawkins, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Alexander Morozov, University of Edinburgh

Organisers – Prof. Susanne Fielding, Department of Physics

26th February 2015

DCSM Liquid Crystal Discussion Meeting

Details: 13.00-16.00, Thursday, 26 February in the Holdsworth Room, St Mary’s College.

Please register by email to

Speakers include:

‘Looking through the liquid crystal ball - new ideas and approaches’ Prof. Helen Gleeson (Manchester) and Prof. Cliff Jones (Manchester)

‘Modelling the free energy landscape of a planar bistable device’ Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham University

‘Complex Rheology of Nematogenic Fluid: Connection to Elastic Turbulence’ Dr Buddho Chakrabarti (Durham University)

9th June 2015

Soft Matter – one day RSC symposium

Organisers – Prof. Tom McLeish, Department of Physics and Lian Hutchings, Department of Chemistry

15th September 2015

Complex fluids under extreme conditions

Details: 15 September 2015, Department of Physics, University of Durham.

Organisers - Dr Lorna Dougan, University of Leeds, Dr Margarita Staykova, University of Durham, Department of Physics.

Speakers include

Professor Roland Winter, University of Dortmund, Germany: Title: Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Crowding and Osmolytes on the Interaction Potential and Phase Behavior of Concentrated Protein Solutions

Professor Glen McHale, University of Northumbria, UK: Title: Structured, Shaped and Slippery Interfaces

Dr Valeria Garbin, Imperial College London, UK: Title: Extreme deformation of complex fluid interfaces

Dr Hugo Christenson, University of Leeds, UK: Title: Freezing of Liquids in Confinement

18th September 2015

Advances in understanding materials using extensional flow

Friday 18 September 2015: Grey College

Organisers - Dr David Hoyle, Department of Physics


Ole Hassager, Technical University of Denmark, Experimental measurements of polymer melts in extensional flow.

Daniel Read, University of Leeds, Constitutive modelling of polymer melts.

Kieran Looney, DuPont Teijin Films, Extensional flow in industry: Fundamentals of Die Streaks in Polyester Film Manufacture.

David Hoyle, Durham University,Instabilities in free surface extensional flow.

Stephen Boothroyd, Durham University, Measurements and modelling of supramolecular telechelic polymer systems.

September 2015

Electrochemistry 2015

Organiser - Dr Ritu Kataky, Department of Chemistry

December 2015

Macrocyclic meeting

Organiser - Prof. John Steed, Department of Chemistry




Monday, 16 December 2013 2:15pm

Seminar: Design and Synthesis of 'Switchable' Chain-Transfer Agents for RAFT Polymerization

22 January 2014 1-5pm

Workshop: Scattering in Soft Matter.

CG141, Department of Chemistry. 

Confirmed Speakers: Dr Ann Terry (ISIS Large Scale Structures Group) Neutron Scattering in Soft MatterProf John Seddon (Imperial) X-ray diffraction studies at lipid liquid crystal phases 

1-2 pm Buffet lunch/posters, CG141 (Musgrave Room)

2-3pm Prof John Seddon (Imperial), “X-ray Diffraction of Lipic L.C. phases”, CG218 Department of Chemistry. 

**Short break for refreshments/further discussions**

3.15-4.15pm Dr Ann Terry (STFC ISIS), "Why Spiderman needs small angle scattering", CG218 Department of Chemistry. 

Organisers – Richard Thompson and Sandra Engelskirchen

Thursday, 8 May 2014 12:00 - 17:00

Symposium: NMR in Soft Matter

CG141 - Musgrave Room, Department of Chemistry.

12:00 Arrival & lunch
13:00 Daniel Topgaard (Lund University)
13:45 Rob Law (Imperial College)
14:30 Lukasz Zielinski (Schlumberger Gould Research Centre)
15:15 Tea / Coffee break
15:45 Eric Hughes (Durham)
16:05 Mike Ries (Leeds)
16:30 General discussion of applications of NMR is soft matter
17:00 Close

Organisers – Prof. Colin Baid: & Dr E Hughes:

Thursday, 17 April 11:30-4:30 pm

Workshop (DCSM and BSI): Stress and Signalling in the Vascular Endothelium

Speakers include: Professor John McCarron (Strathcylde), Professor Gerald Fuller (Stanford).

For more information please contact Professor John Girkin or Professor Tom McLeish at the email addresses:,

Friday 16 May 12:45 - 15:40

Workshop: Precision Polymer Synthesis

Lecture Theatre: D / CG85

Refreshments in the Musgrave Room D / CG 141

This half day symposium will include Professor Robert Grubbs from Caltech and Dr Mike Shaver from Edinburgh University. Professor Grubbs was the joint recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005 for “for the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis” .


12:45 Introduction & Welcome from Ezat Khosravi
12:50 Guest Lecture 1 - Dr Michael Shaver: Iron Man Designing Environmentally Friendly Catalysts for Controlled Radical Polymerizations.
13:20 Q & A
13:30 Guest Lecture 2 - Professor Neil Cameron: Synthesis of Glycopolymers and Glyconanoparticles.
14:00 Q & A
14:10 Coffee/ Tea
14:40 Guest Lecture 3 - Professor Robert Grubbs: Controlled polymer synthesis with olefin metathesis catalysts
15:25 Q & A
15:40 Close

For more information please contact Dr Lian Hutchings or Dr Ezat Khosravi at the email addresses: or

Tuesday, 1st July 2014
 DCSM Workshop: Flow & Instability in Complex Fluids.
Musgrave Room D/CG141 
13:15 Introduction & Welcome from Suzanne Fielding
13:20 Colin Bain - Oscillations and instabilities in drops (45 minutes inc Q & A)
14:05 Emma Talbot - Droplet Drying (30 minutes in Q & A)
14:35  Refreshment Break (20 minutes)

14:55 Halim Kusumaatmaja - Modelling wetting phenomena on structured surfaces (45 minutes in Q & A)

15:40  David Hoyle - Necking instabilities in extensional flows (45 minutes inc Q & A)
16:25 Close
For more information please contact Suzanne Fielding :

Friday, 15 August 2014

Monday-Friday 18-21 August 2014

12:00 - 17:00

Symposium: Energy landscapes

This half day symposium will explore energy landscape methods and applications of this powerful approach. 

Venue: Durham Business School, room 405

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Welcome & opening remarks

1:05pm David Wales (University of Cambridge) 
 Exploring energy landscapes: From molecules to nanodevices
1:50pm Graeme Henkelman (University of Texas)
 Some recent developments in saddle point finding methods:Gradient squared minimization; solid state transitions; and temperature accelerated adaptive kinetic Monte Carlo
2:35pm Refreshments
3:05pm Vinothan Manoharan (Harvard University)
 Surveying landscapes through experiments on colloids
3:50pm Andreas Heuer (University of Muenster)
 Understanding th elinear and nonlinear response of supercooled liquids in terms of the potential energy landscape
4:35pm Further informal discussion (optional) 

To register for this event please contact, by Monday 11th August 2014 stating any dietary requirements. 


The symposium will be followed by a four day workshop, for more infomration click here

Speakers: Vinothan Manoharan (Harvard), Graeme Henkelman (Texas), Florent Calvo (Lyon), Andreas Heuer (Muenster), Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham). 

For more information please contact Dr Mark Miller or Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja at the addresses: or

 Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Room CG60, Chemistry Department

13:45 - 17:15

 Particles at Interfaces

13:45 - Oliver Cayre (University of Leeds)

'Use of polymers to improve particle absorption at liquid interfaces'

14:25 - Manos Anyfantakis (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)

'Dynamic photocontrol of the coffee-ring effect'

14:50 - Ritu Kataky (University of Durham)

'Current rectification of cationic gold nanoparticles by anions'

15:15 - Job Thijssen (University of Edinburgh)

'Interfacial rheology of model particles at liquid interfaces'

15:50 - Tea / Coffee

16:15 - Bernie Binks (Hull University)

RSC Surfaces and Interfaces Award Lecture - 'Particles at fluid interfaces: emulsions, foams and novel materials'

17:15 - Close


Soft Matter Events 2012/13

Soft Matter Seminar Series 2011/12

Date / 1pm



Additional details

27 October

St Mary's

Prof John Girkin

Durham University "Light for Soft Matter"

3 November

St Mary's

Dr Dirk Aarts

University of Oxford "Instabilities at Ultra-Low Surface Tension"

4 November Chemistry CG60

Prof William Ducker

Virginia Tech "Nanoscale Gas Phases and Viscous Forces in Thin Films"

9 November


Prof Hiroshi Watanabe

Kyoto University, Japan "Nonlinear Flow Behaviour or Telechelic HEUR Solutions"

23 November


Prof Ralph Colby

Penn State, USA "Designing Ionomers for Facile Ion Transport"

1 December

St Mary's

Dr Rhoda Hawkins

University of Sheffield

8 December

St Mary's

Dr David Johnson

Durham University

15 December

CG141 Musgrave Rm

Prof Malcolm Povey

University of Leeds "The Sound of Food"

18 January Calman Prof Alexi Likhtman University of Reading "
25 January Calman

Dr Steve Rimmer

University of Sheffield “Responses of polymers driven by binding to cells”

1 February


Dr Suzanne Fielding

Durham University

8 February

Calman Dr Rachel O'Reilly University of Warwick "New amphiphiles for self-assembly, catalysis and recognition"

15 February

Calman Prof Ian Hamley University of Reading "Molecular Dynamics of Entangled Polymers"

21 February

D110, 5pm Prof Ian Manners University of Bristol (NEPA/DUCS evening lecture) "Supramolecular Self-Assembly"

22 February

Calman Prof Stephen Yeates University of Manchester

29 February

Calman Prof Paul Buckley University of Oxford

Calman = Kingsley Barratt lecture theatre, Calman Learning Centre.

St. Mary's = Holdsworth & Donaldson Room, St. Mary's College.

Other Durham Centre for Soft Matter Events 2011

Scott Milner, 9 and 10 May 2011

The Centre was delighted to welcome Scott Milner to Durham University on the 9th and 10th of May

MUPP +2, 9 September 2011

The Durham Centre for Soft matter organised a meeting on Friday 9th September to reconvene the researchers (both academic and industrial) who took part in the EPSRC funded Microscale Polymer Processing (MUPP) project. Over the course of ten years, a consortium of several universities (Leeds, Bradford, Durham, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Eindhoven) and Industrial partners (Dow, Lucite, former ICI, Ineos, BASK, DSM, Basell, Mitsubishi and Japan Polychem) came together to form the MUPP project. The principal objective of this project was to develop an understanding of how molecular parameters of polymers such as molecular weight, polydispersity and chain branching affect melt processing and final product properties. This understanding in turn lead to the development of a suite of unique mathematical and computational modelling software tools to predict melt flow properties as a function polymer structure.

This event gave the community the opportunity to discuss advances made in this still very active field, since funding for the MUPP project ended in 2009.

Attendance at the event was free and attendees from both academia and industry who were not involved in the MUPP project were welcome to attend.

For further information please contact Lian Hutchings (