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Our Research Profile

Research topics in the Centre for Soft Matter cover five broad areas and deploy a wide spectrum of experimental, computational and theoretical techniques.

For examples of recent and ongoing projects, visit our Publication Highlights page or see the list of research interests of individual members of Academic Staff in the Centre.
Publication highlights
Abstract network molecules

The five main research areas are:

  • Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Solid-liquid interfaces; atomic force microscopy; nanotribology; wetting
  • Complex fluids
    • Theoretical, computational and experimental rheology; volcanological fluid dynamics; multiphase flow; flow instabilities; phase behaviour; active matter; liquid crystals
  • Biological matter
    • Membrane biophysics; biomolecular simulation; protein-protein interactions; nanofilaments
  • Polymers
    • Synthetic polymer chemistry; plastic electronics; knots and topology
  • Self-assembly
    • Colloidal clusters; supramolecular chemistry; addressable assembly; percolation phenomena; gels