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Durham University

Department of Sociology

SOCI1312 Societies in Transition

(please note that BA Criminology Students are unable to take this module)

What do we mean when we speak about ‘modern’ or ‘post-modern’ societies? How do societies change over time and how can we best study this?

This module introduces students to key issues in contemporary society, focusing on how society has changed over time. This includes topics relating to social policy; social class and social mobility; inequality; gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity; the media and technology; the environment; families and relationships. These research areas are discussed by drawing on different types of empirical data and analysis with experts in the field from across the Department of Sociology. While the focus of the module is on the UK, this is contextualised via international comparisons.

“This module covers a lot of issues that you can relate to because they’re actually happening, or have happened, in modern society.”

 “I really enjoyed the seminars and found the topics interesting and engaging.”

 “The broad range of contemporary and interesting topics it covers opens up much scope for discussion and debate. It makes Sociology feel relevant to modern society.”

 “The topics included were really interesting and all of the lecturers were really passionate about their topics.”

 “All the lectures were extremely good, this was my favourite module!”

 “I have gained a good Sociological understanding of the taken for granted situations in society, challenging everyday life.”

 “Provides a good perspective on changing attitudes towards social issues over time.”

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