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Department of Sociology

SOCI1321 Introduction to Research

In an age of information overload, how can we work out what to regard as valid and reliable information about the social world, and what to treat with caution or even discard?

This first year module introduces students to the strengths and limitations of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods used to collect and analyse social scientific data. The module aims to help students become adept at critically evaluating existing research in their field, and to prepare them to begin doing high quality research of their own throughout their degree and beyond.

“This module covers the use of research methods right from the philosophical basis of ‘what is knowledge?’ through to the real details of the pros and cons of different research methods.”

 “A good introduction to the key concepts needed to research effectively into sociological concerns or ideas.”

 “Clear information on all aspects of the course, good teaching style with examples and really helpful and open to questions throughout lecture which was really useful.”

 “The lectures were very detailed and well delivered. Good seminars with interesting content.”

 “A very good module - coherent and helpful. Both lecturer and seminar leader were great.”

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