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Durham University

Department of Sociology

Sociology Department Staff

Dr Lisa Mckenzie

Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology

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Journal Article

  • McKenzie, L. (2017). 'It's not ideal': Reconsidering 'anger' and 'apathy' in the Brexit vote among an invisible working class. Competition and Change 21(3): 199-210.
  • Mckenzie, L. (2017). The class politics of prejudice: Brexit and the land of no-hope and glory. British Journal of Sociology 68: S265-S280.
  • McKenzie, L. (2017). The rich, the rich, we've got to get rid of the rich. Clinical Psychology Forum (297): 8-12.
  • Mckenzie, L. (2013). Fox-trotting the riot: Slow rioting in Britain's inner city. Sociological Research Online 18(4).
  • McKenzie, L. (2013). Narratives from a Nottingham council estate: a story of white working-class mothers with mixed-race children. Ethnic and Racial Studies 36(8): 1342-1358.
  • Mckenzie, L. (2012). A narrative from the inside, studying St Anns in Nottingham: Belonging, continuity and change. Sociological Review 60(3): 457-475.

Authored book

  • Atkinson, R., Mckenzie, L. & Winlow, S. (2017). Building better societies: Promoting social justice in a world falling apart. Policy Press.
  • Atkinson, R., Mckenzie, L. & Winlow, S. (2017). Thinking prosocially. Policy Press.
  • McKenzie, L. (2015). Getting by: Estates, class and culture in Austerity Britain. Policy Press.
  • McKenzie, L. (2015). Narrative, ethnography and class inequality: Taking Bourdieu into a British Council estate. Taylor and Francis Inc.

Chapter in book

  • Mckenzie, L. (2017). Valuing and strengthening community. In Policy Press. 39-52.
  • Atkinson, R., Mckenzie, L. & Winlow, S. (2017). Who would not be for society? In Policy Press. 1-11.
  • McKenzie, L. (2012). The stigmatised and de-valued working class: The state of a council estate. In Palgrave Macmillan. 128-144.