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Department of Sociology

“Social Work in a ‘cold climate’: fighting for good practice in times of austerity” Conference

Durham University and the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) organised the 9th National SWAN conference: “Social Work in a ‘cold climate’: fighting for good practice in times of austerity”.  It was hosted at Durham University on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 April 2014.

In the context of savage cuts in public sector funding, ever increasing social work managerialism and stigmatization of service users, this conference will provide an important opportunity to debate ways of developing networks of resistance necessary to defend social justice-based social work and oppose the politics of austerity. This conference will mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of the “Manifesto for a new engaged practice”, the founding document of the Social Work Action Network.

This year’s conference will provide a forum for social work practitioners, academics, service users, students and activists to discuss:

Defending good social work practice and promoting social justice-based approaches in times of austerity.

The impact of austerity and development of alternatives.

Building critical alliances in defence of social work and social justice.

History of radicalism in North East England.

10 years from the publication from the “Manifesto for a new engaged practice”: the emergence of new radicalism and future directions for the Social Work Action Network.

Social movements and international social work.

Developing a progressive pedagogy in social work education.

Avialable resources:

If you have any questions abouth the conference please contact Vasilios Ioakimidis