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Department of Sociology


Elham Amini

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Elham is doing her doctoral research at Durham University, England, conducting research on Ageing, Gender and Sexuality. She has BS degree in Midwifery from Tehran Medical University, Tehran, Iran, and two Master degrees one in Women’s Studies from Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran and the other Sociology and Social Research Methods from Durham University. Working as a Midwife for more than 6 years in Iran has given her a significant insight about women’s health and the influence of socio-cultural structure on it; she reinforced it by studying Social Research Methods and Sociology of Health & Gender. Elham has a strong personal interest in the sociology of health and particularly women’s health.
She is a postgraduate assistant for the Centre of Sex, Gender & Sexualities and a post graduate associate in Wolfson Research Institute in Durham University.

Current Research

Elham is exploring the sexuality of menopausal women in a socio-cultural context, by considering the complex relationships between the ageing body, culture, and gender. Her research considers the lives of menopausal women in Iran and, by deploying a qualitative life history perspective, tracks the ways in which women preserve practices of critical agency in milieus structured by masculine power. Her approach is biographical research.

Field of Study

Sociology of Health and Gender.

Research Groups

  • Policy, Professions and Communities

Research Interests

  • Medical Sociology
  • Qualitative Methodology Research
  • Sexualities
  • Women’s Health and Gender Studies

Teaching Areas

  • Perspective on Social Research (Social Research Methods)

  • Sociological Imaginations (Social Theories)