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This series is part of our long-standing friendship and partnership with our colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our academics have collaborated on hundreds of research papers in recent years and this deep partnership means we have been, and are continuing to, address some of the most pressing issues in society today

Our organisations are conducting world-changing research by pushing and exploring boundaries and focusing on scientific solutions which benefit society. The series brings together researchers who are outstanding in their fields of expertise to stimulate new, creative and critical thinking, open up new perspectives across cultures, deepen collaboration and share fresh insights. We will cover areas such as palaeontology, astronomy, science and technology as well as interdisciplinary challenges.
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Mauna Kea, Hawaii astronomical site

Research at Durham

We produce world-leading and world-changing research. Discover some examples where we have particular strengths.

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Durham University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences

As dedicated pioneers of ground breaking research, Durham University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are working together to push the limits of scientific exploration. 

The Chinese Academy of Sciences: China’s driving force in exploring natural sciences and harnessing technology. Durham University: A globally outstanding centre of teaching and research inspiring our people to make a world changing difference.

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