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Enlighten India

Over the last few weeks, our amazing new WRIHW Fellow, Gilly Burn has been educating over a 1000 nursing students and medics all over India in empathetic Intensive and Palliative care, the "Enlightened Durham way".

Gilly is an active member of our Brain, Body and Behaviour and Pain Challenge academies, and is Director of Care Response International and Founder Director of Cancer Relief India. She, in the 1970s, travelled the length and breadth of India, introducing palliative care, finding pioneers, getting them trained and empowering them for palliative care. She continues to visit and support these activities every year since. On this latest visit, she has been invited to the Tata hospital in Mumbai to present at a special session on "Communication with your Patients", which will be the subject of her up-and-coming PhD programme, here in Durham.