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CNCSI lettering

CNCSI is the organic evolution of the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies (CNCS), founded at Durham University in 2013 by Prof. Bennett Zon.  CNCS is a thriving research centre, including postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows and academic staff at all career levels.  It represents five universities: Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Teesside and Sunderland, and comprises roughly 200 national and international individuals and institutions.  Since 2015 it has attracted many Northern Bridge PhD students and postdoctoral fellows (Addison Wheeler, British Academy, Fulbright, Leverhulme, Marie Curie, Newton), and has hosted numerous large and small project grants from the AHRC, ESRC and elsewhere. More recently CNCS hosted the £1 million AHRC grant ‘Jewish’ Country Houses: Objects, Networks, People (Tom Stammers, CNCS Associate Director, 2019-23).

CNCSI was born in the image of CNCS, in 2018, at a CNCS meeting of leaders of 35 international research centres, institutes, professional societies, and independent research organisations. 

That meeting proved what many scholars had thought – that despite the existence of many nineteenth-century organisations all over the world, collectively they:

  1. tended to work in isolation, seldom collaborating with other national or international organisations
  2. their members came mainly from the country where the organisation was founded
  3. linguistic barriers obstructed broad international accessibility and dissemination
  4. their range of scholarly interests tended, perhaps inevitably, to reflect national boundaries; and
  5. despite emphasizing interdisciplinarity in theory, in practice their manifest interests lay principally in history and literature.

Since then, CNCSI has grown exponentially, both in number and type of organisation, and a second revised and expanded MoU is currently being prepared to include

  • Universities: Baylor University (USA), Hokkaido University (Japan), McGill University (Canada), Shiv Nadar University (India), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Birmingham (UK), Universidad de los Andes-Bogotá (Colombia), University of Bucharest and the National University of Music Bucharest (Romania), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Houston (USA)
  • Museums and Independent Research Organisations: The V&A, The Science Museum Group (UK), The Hirschsprung Collection (Denmark), the Petit Palais, the Musée d’Orsay (France); and
  • Professional Societies: INCS (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies; BAVS (British Association of Victorian Studies); and NCSA (Nineteenth-Century Studies Association.

Administrative Structure

CNCSI is administered by the Director, Associate Directors and an Advisory Board which includes ex officio members.

Details of the current office holders (from 2021) are detailed in the table below:

Name   Institution Role Contact Term Chair of (Committee)
Bennett Zon Durham University Director 5yrs Advisory Board
Claudia Capancioni BAVS Associate Director of Professional Societies 5yrs  
Joanna Norman The V&A Associate Director of Museums  5yrs  
Veronica Uribe Hanabergh Universidad de Los Andes-Bogotá Co-Associate Director of Universities 5yrs  
Marie-Laure Massei-Chamayou Centre D’Histoire du XIX Siècle Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne  Co-Associate Director of Universities 5yrs  
Efram Sera-Shriar  University of Copenhagen Associate Director of Research  5yrs Research Committee
Emma Merkling Courtauld Institute of Art Deputy Associate Director of Research    
Emily Vincent Birmingham University Deputy Associate Director of Research      
Roisin Laing Durham University Co-Associate Director of Early Career Committee 5yrs ECR Committee
Pramantha Tagore  University of Chicago  Co-Associate Director of Early Career Committee 5yrs ECR Committee
Sreemoyee Dasgupta  University of Pittsburgh Deputy Associate Director of Early Career Committee    
Kate Oestreich Coastal Carolina University Co-Associate Director of Digital  5yrs  
Christa DiMarco University of the Arts Co-Associate Director of Digital  5yrs  
Zoe Gardiner Durham University


Our Ex Officio Members are listed below:

 Name  Institution 
Franziska Bergman     Aarhus University
Sebastian Ortoft Rassmussen  Aarhus University
Nicolae Gheorghita  National University Of Music Bucharest, Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies International Romania, Croatia and Serbia
Paul Watt  University of Adelaide
Nick Parkinson  University of Paris Nanterre
Daisuke Adachi 

Slavic-Eurasian Research Center University of Hokkaido, Japan

Ella Dzelzainis 

Newcastle University

Fariha Shaikh  

Birmingham University

Amanda Hsieh  

Durham University 

Nick McGee  

Durham University

Alexis Harley  

La Trobe University

Chris Murray  

Monash University

Jennifer Tucker 

Wesleyan University 

Li-Hsin Hsu 

National Chengchi University Taipei, Taiwan

Shannon Perich 

The Smithsonian

Karen Sayer

Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies