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Durham Middle East Papers (DMEPs) 


Portraits Postcards and Politics Katie J Hickerson                                                                                                 

Paper No: 107 (2023)


Unequal Treaties and the Question of Sovereignty  Ali Gheissari                                                               

Paper No: 106 (2023)


Why Historiography Matters Anja Pistor-Hatam                                                                                           

Paper No: 105 (2021)


Under Surveillance: police and politics in the archive of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II Pascale Ghazaleh                     

Paper No: 104 (2021)


An Unusual Revolution: The Palestinian Thawra in Lebanon, c. 1969-82Anne Irfan
Paper No: 103 (2020)


Israel and the Counterrevolutionaries: Gauging Tel Aviv's Evolving Regional Alliances after the Arab Uprisings Jonathan A Hoffman
Paper No. 102 (2020)


How the Weak Deter the Strong: Airpower, Technological Regression and the Coercion Balance in the Gaza StripFlt Lt Jacob Davies
Royal Air Force
Paper No. 101 (2020)


A Border Too Far - The Ilemi Triangle Yesterday and Today
Philip Winter O.B.E
Paper No: 100 (2019)


Reflections on the Origins of the Revolution of 1979 in Iran - Why History Matters
Michael Axworthy
Paper No. 99


The Gulf Beyond the Archetypal - Exploring Interconnections as well as Distinctiveness
James Page
Paper No. 98


Not More Than a Dent? Long-Term Trends in Middle East Democracy Since The Arab Spring
Jan Claudius Völkel
Paper No. 97


Better than Before: Comparing Moscow's Cold War and Putin Era Politics towards Arabia and the Gulf
Mark N. Katz
Paper No. 96


Researching the Middle East: Diversity or Decoloniality?
Juline Beaujouan-Marliere
Paper No. 95


The Politics of Change in the Middle East
Clive Jones
Paper No. 78


Socio-political entrepreneurship in Israel: the case of the Northern Islamic Movement
Lilian A. Tauber
Working Paper (2017)


The Middle East in the International System: Improving, Understanding and Breaking Down the International Relations/Area Studies Divide
Louise Fawcett
Working Paper (2017)


European Union Policy on the Arab-Israeli Conflict: From Payer to Player
P. Patokallio
Working Paper (2004)


Some Thoughts on Grave Symbolism in Tashkent Cemetries
P. Bergne
Working Paper (2004)


The Boycott that Never Was : Egypt and the Arab System, 1979-1989
E. Podeh and O. Winckler
Working Paper (2002)


Moroccan-British Diplomatic and Commercial Relations in the Early 18th Century: The Abortive Embassy to Mekned in 1718
N. Erzini
Working Paper (2002)


Arafat's Palestine National Authority
T. Y. Ismael
Working Paper (2002)


UN Economic Sanctions and Iraq: A Critical Analysis of a Failed Policy
S. Abu-Gulal
Working Paper (2002)


Reflections on the Iranian Revolution and Iranian-British Relations
C. Rundle
Working Paper (2002)


Local Particularism and the Common People in Pre-Modern Iran
A. K. S. Lambton
Working Paper (2001)


The 1995-96 Yemen-Eritrea Conflict Over the Islands of Hanish and Jabal Zuqar: A Geopolitical Analysis
G. R. V. Stansfield
Working Paper (2001)


Siachen Glacier Flashpoint: A Study of Indian Pakistani Relations
A. Misra
Working Paper (2000)


'Makhmalbaf's Broken Mirror: The Socio-Political Significance of Modern Iranian Cinema
L. Ridgeon
Working Paper (2000)


Arabic Literature Unveiled: Challenges of Translation
P. Clark
Working Paper (2000)