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About Us

We are a collection of researchers with a common interest in Learning and Memory. The research centre provides a focus for our work, and for those interested in joining or simply learning more about what we do and what it means.

Members of the Centre share results and ideas through regular discussions and talks. Through mailing lists we also share activities and opportunities for research in the area of learning and memory. 
Our Research
A colourful chalk drawing of the human head and brain.
Postgraduate student wearing an EEG cap while taking park in a Psychological experiment.

Outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary research

LAMP brings researchers together from across Durham and Newcastle universities to share their approaches to memory research and offer novel perspectives on important questions.

Our Members
A Psychology technician calibrating an eyetracker

Engaging across multiple disciplines

We reach out beyond academia and engage with a range of audiences. Members of the centre have been involved in discussions of memory within film at Tyneside Cinema and chaired a Broadcast Bartender public discussion of arts meets science in memory research.

Our Projects