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Sexology, Medical Ethics and Occultism: Albert Moll in Context

Professor Holger Maehle and Dr Lutz Sauerteig from the Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease are the guest editors of a special issue of the international journal Medical History, entitled ‘Sexology, Medical Ethics and Occultism: Albert Moll in Context’, which is now available through Cambridge University Press (Med. Hist., vol. 56/2, 2012). The Berlin physician Albert Moll (1862-1939) was an important innovator in psychotherapy, sexual science and medical professional ethics as well as a fierce critic of occult beliefs. The special issue results from a Wellcome Trust supported project of the CHMD and unites contributions from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, and New Zealand.

All papers are available Open Access through PubMed, please follow the links below.



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