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SCIMAP-Flood tool catchment management

The 2022 SCIMAP User Group Meeting will take place on the 20th September 2022. At this event, we want to hear about how you have been using SCIMAP and we will also provide some training on the new SCIMAP-Flood approach. The workshop meeting aims to increase the connectivity of the SCIMAP user community and provide a forum for sharing knowledge and approach to tackling diffuse pollution and mitigating flood hazards with NFM and nature-based solutions.

The user group meeting this year is taking place the day before the CaBA Catchment Data Forum meeting, so if you are travelling to Durham for that event, it is simple to also attend the SCIMAP UGM 2022. 

If you would like to present your application of SCIMAP, then you can request a time slot: SCIMAP form

The deadline for presentation applications is 22nd August 2022.


SCIMAP User Group Meeting events:

20th SCIMAP User Group Meeting 2022: This workshop is for users of the SCIAMP spatial targeting tool for diffuse pollution and flood measures in catchments. There will be presentations of the application of SCIMAP, an introduction to SCIMAP-Flood and discussion about the future of the toolset.

To register: registration 

21st Catchment Data Forum: This event will focus on how models, datasets and tools can be used to help manage catchments. The main theme this year is climate change but presentations on other tools and approaches are welcome.

22nd Catchment Data Forum Workshops: Workshops will focus on how to use tools and datasets for catchment management.

To register: registration 


For further information, please contact the IHRR: