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Current Research

Lemon Balm

Research Projects (2023-2026)


Music, Mortality, and Memory

Co-edited by Douglas Davies and Matthew McCullough, this book addresses the triadic relation between music, memory, and mortality.
sheet music

19th-Century Death, Loss, Memory, and Mourning

Co-edited by Mark Sandy, Geoff Scarre, Doug Davies, Matt McCullough, and Rick Whitefield, this 4-volume set contributes to Routledge's Historical Resources Series.

The National Memorial Arboretum

Co-authored by Douglas Davies and Ricky Whitefield, this book explores the mutual link between storytelling, ecology, and society forged by the longevity of memorials.
Path through trees

Digital Death: Transforming History, Rituals, and the Afterlife

An EU-funded project to explore shifting perspectives on death, grief, memory, and 'post-mortal communication' in a digitally saturated world.
Lines of digital code

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A UKRI-funded collaboration with Kindly Earth Ltd to assess the social, cultural, and religious barriers to the introduction of Resomation in the United Kingdom.
Old map with glasses

Closure, Continuity, and Mortality

An emerging project which sets ‘closure’ alongside ‘continuity’ in order to scrutinize the emotional dynamics surrounding Mortality at large. Updates soon.
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Ecologies of Death

Co-authored by Douglas Davies and Georgina Robinson, this book explores the significance of 'internal' and 'external' ecologies of death for contemporary living.
A lightbulb with a plant growing inside and partially buried in soil