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Publication details for Dr Lore Thaler

Norman, L. & Thaler, L. (2017). Human Echolocation - Spatial Resolution and Signal Properties. In Biologically-Inspired Radar and Sonar: Lessons from Nature. Balleri, A., Griffiths, H. & Baker, C. IET - The Institution of Engineering and Technology. 209-227.

Author(s) from Durham


This paper will focus on the echolocation abilities of humans, describing the acoustic properties of their emissions as well as the acuity with which they are able to discriminate certain object properties - distance, angle (horizontal and vertical), size, shape and material - and the various cues that they might use to do this.
Chapter Contents:
10.1 Introduction and background
10.2 Acoustic properties of human sonar emissions
10.3 Environmental factors
10.4 Localising objects in space
10.4.1 Localising objects in depth (ranging): signal properties
10.4.2 Localising objects in depth (ranging): spatial resolution of human echolocators
10.4.3 Localising objects in the horizontal plane (azimuth): signal properties
10.4.4 Localising objects in the horizontal plane: spatial resolution of human echolocators
10.4.5 Localising objects in the vertical plane (elevation)
10.5 Discriminating object size, shape and material
10.6 Concluding comments and future directions

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