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Durham University



Publication details for Professor Amanda Ellison

Ellison, A., Lane, A. R. & Schenk, T. (2007). The interaction of brain regions during visual search processing as revealed by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Cerebral Cortex 17(11): 2579-2584.

Author(s) from Durham


Although it has long been known that right posterior parietal cortex (PPC) has a role in certain visual search tasks, and human motion area V5 is involved in processing tasks requiring attention to motion, little is known about how these areas may interact during the processing of a task requiring the speciality of each. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), this study first established the specialization of each area in the form of a double dissociation; TMS to right PPC disrupted processing of a color/form conjunction and TMS to V5 disrupted processing of a motion/form conjunction. The key finding of this study is, however, if TMS is used to disrupt processing of V5 at its critical time of activation during the motion/form conjunction task, concurrent disruption of right PPC now has a significant effect, where TMS at PPC alone does not. Our findings challenge the conventional interpretation of the role of right PPC in conjunction search and spatial attention.

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