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Durham University



Professor Nadja Reissland, BSc. MA. DPhil (Oxon)

Personal web page

Professor in the Department of Psychology
Telephone: 43287, 43278 (lab)
Room number: L75
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43287

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My research interests are in early mother-infant interaction starting prenatally from around 12 weeks of gestational age. I am currently working on the effect of maternal stress and depression on infant cognitive, emotional and social development.

Press Contacts

I am available for Press contact about
* Fetal development
*mother-infant interaction
* infant and child play
* infant and child emotional, social and cognitive development
* maternal postnatal depression and stress

Research Interests

  • Prenatal to postnatal development
  • Fetal development
  • Premature infant development
  • Maternal stress and depression
  • Mother-infant interaction

Selected Publications

Authored book

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Edited Journal

  • Reissland, N. & Hopkins, B. (2010). Towards a fetal psychology. Infant and Child Development, 19 John Wiley Blackwell.

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Research Groups

International Collaboration

  • A: Japan Professor Hideko Takeshita (Otemon Gakuin University, Osaka)
  • B: Japan and UK: International collaboration on Fetal Development: Dr Kido, Prof Nakata (Teikyo University Tokyo) & Prof Nakata (Toho Medical School, Tokyo)
  • C: Japan Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi Bunkyō-ku, Japan Department Department of Mechano-Informatics
  • D: The developmental imprint of odour variety on feeding behaviour: a retrospectiv, prospective and experimental study with preterm infants: Daniel Mellier, Rouen,France; Benoist Schaal, Dijon,France; Robert Soussignan Dijon & Paris, France
  • E:France Robert Soussignan Infant emotional mimicking
  • Fetal development; Brian Hopkins, Lancaster, Uk; Brian Francis, Lancaster, UK

Selected Grants

  • 2013: Fellowship Japanese Science Foundation
  • 2013: Understanding light in the late term human fetus
  • 2009: British Academy Travel grant

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