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Department of Psychology


Miss Kamar Eleanor Ameen-Ali, BSc MSc

Research Postgraduate in the Department of Psychology

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Ameen-Ali, K.E., Eacott, M.J., Ainge, J.A., Robertson, B-A. & Easton, A. (2014). Investigating recognition memory using immediate-early gene imaging in the rat brain. Society for Neuroscience, Washington DC, USA.

Ameen-Ali, K.E., Norman, L.J., Eacott, M.J. & Easton, A. (2013). Do humans show behavioural indicators specific to episodic experience in an object-location-context memory task? European Brain and Behaviour Society meeting, Munich, GERMANY.

Ameen-Ali, K.E., Eacott, M.J. & Easton, A. (2013). Improving rodent research methodology reduces animal numbers but maintains statistical power. Set for Britain Biological and Biomedical Sciences Exhibition, London, UK (House of Commons).

Ameen-Ali, K.E., Eacott, M.J. & Easton, A. (2012). Elucidating the behavioural parameters for non-habituated object-based preference in rats. Durham University Psychology Postgraduate Conference, Durham, UK.

Ameen-Ali, K.E., Eacott, M.J. & Easton, A. (2012). Reducing animal numbers for multiple types of spontaneous object recognition paradigms in rats.Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour(ASAB)/Society for Experimental Biology(SEB)/NC3Rs Research Symposium: Implementing the 3Rs in Behavioural and Physiological Research, London, UK.


May 2014 Hippocampal Interest Group, Durham, UK 'Receiver-operating characteristics in recognition memory: Translating animal models to humans'

November 2013 Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA) Winter Meeting (Young Presenters - The future of LASA), London, UK

February 2013 NC3Rs Annual Science Review Meeting, London, UK ‘Animal models of memory and the 3Rs: How can we improve methodology and further our understanding of the neural basis of memory?’

June 2012 Durham University Faculty of Science Rising Stars Research Symposium, Durham, UK ‘A New Behavioural Paradigm for Tasks of Recognition Memory in Rats’

Selected Publications

Journal papers: academic

  • Ameen-Ali, K.E., Easton, A. & Eacott, M.J. (2015). Moving beyond standard procedures to assess spontaneous recognition memory. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 53: 37-51.
  • Ameen-Ali, K.E., Eacott, M.J. & Easton, A. (2012). A New Behavioural Apparatus to Reduce Animal Numbers in Multiple Types of Spontaneous Object Recognition Paradigms in Rats. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 211(1): 66-76.

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Selected Grants

  • 2014: Hatfield College Trust MCR Research Award
  • 2013: European Brain and Behaviour Society PhD Travel Fellowship Award
  • 2012: Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour/Society for Experimental Biology/NC3Rs Poster Prize Research Award
  • 2012: Hatfield College Trust MCR Research Award
  • 2009: Graduate Scholarship