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Department of Psychology


Dr Jason Connolly

Personal web page

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology
Telephone: 43217, 40474
Room number: L14, E014

Contact Dr Jason Connolly (email at

Brain-Computer Interface Research Aims

Our emerging brain computer interface programme will provide for communication for those living with severe forms of motor paralysis. We are developing platforms that utilise machine learning algorithms and require minimal training for the end user. We collaborate with Cognitive Neuroscientists, with Engineering & Computing Science and Consultant Neurosurgeons. Our work will benefit paralysis and will effectively augment Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Coordinate Frame Research Aims

We have provided evidence to support the idea that movement preparation is coded to a relatively greater extent within the frontal lobe. We have also reported that the parietal cortex represents a downstream computation mount; one in which final output coordinates frames are represented. These and experimental findings from many other Labs provide convergent support that parietal, motor and frontal brain areas represent a parallel and distributed neural circuit.

National Collaboration

Reader, T. P. Breckon, Durham University, School of Engineering & Computing Science
Reader, R.W. Kentridge, Durham University, Psychology
UG student, Mr Adam Leach, Durham University, School of Engineering & Computing Science
Consultant Neurosurgeon, M. Prasad: James Cook University Hospital Spinal Unit
Professor, C.A. Heywood, Durham University, Psychology

Recent Career Overview

Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience (Durham University, UK): 2012 - pres.
Research Fellow in Systems Neuroscience (Newcastle University, UK): 2009 - 2012

Space for Paralysis Lab (SPL) personal website

Click the web-link for more detailed information on the SPL.

International Collaboration

  • Assistant Professor, J. Gardner (Stanford, USA) - Psychology Department
  • Associate Professor, M. Silver (Berkeley, USA) - Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
  • Professors Gardner and Silver both received acknowledgements (Connolly et al. 2015; 2016)

Indicators of Esteem

  • 2016: 'Robust performance of a dry-EEG speller via rigorous BCI design/classification approaches.': Invited talk: Bioelectronics & Biosensors Congress, London, UK, November 18th.
  • 2015: 'To build & sustain a world class research reputation': University of East Anglia, UK, June 2nd.
  • 2014: - present. Honorary Lecturer & Researcher: JCUH, Neurosciences Division, Neurosurgery
  • Ad hoc reviewer: Cerebral Cortex; Experimental Brain Research; Journal of Neuroscience; Nature; NeuroImage; Neuropsychologia; etc.
  • Collective citation count: 1304, GScholar metrics; 22/11/2016
  • Grant Reviewing: BBSRC; ESRC; EPSRC; MRC; INSERM

Research Groups


Journal Article

Translated Chapter in Book

  • Cavina-Pratesi, C., Connolly, J.D. & Milner, A.D. (trans.) (2016). 'Optic ataxia: What single-case studies can tell us about the visuomotor brain '. In Neuropsychology, Psychoanalysis, and at the Intersection: Discontinuities - Continuities. For Athanase Tzavaras. Potagas, C. & Petrides, M. (ed.). Athens: Nisos Publications. 17-46

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Neuroscience: How the brain processes eye and reaching movements
  • Vision / eye movement: Organisation of the visual brain
  • Neuroscience: Brain-computer interfaces

Selected Grants

  • 2016: Biophysical Sciences Institute Pump Priming Fund, £9970
  • 2016: EPSRC Summer Vacation Bursary, £1000
  • 2016: Flexible and habitual mechanisms of human navigation (£338813.44 from ESRC)
  • 2015: Biophysical Sciences Institute Summer Bursary, £1800
  • 2015: PACE: Perception and action in Complex Environments (£187124.40 from European Commission)
  • 2015: Wolfson Blue Skies Award, £1400