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Department of Psychology


Head of Department: Professor Richard Crisp Chair of Board of Studies 43276 L52
Mrs Carolyn Loughlin PA to the Head of Department 43237 L51
Administrative Staff: Ms Janet Cooper Secretary of Board of Studies 43285 L51
Academic Staff: Dr Anthony Atkinson Associate Professor 43234 RH008
Dr Ulrik Beierholm Assistant Professor 43249 L13 Contact Ulrik Beierholm
Dr Lynda Boothroyd Associate Professor 43289 L72 Contact Lynda Boothroyd
Dr Mike Burt Assistant Professor 43269 L64
Dr Cory Jane Clark Assistant Professor RH003
Dr Zanna Clay Assistant Professor 49114 RH009
Dr Jason Connolly Assistant Professor 43217 L14
Dr Judith Covey Assistant Professor 40104 RH002
Dr Dorothy Cowie Assistant Professor 43270 L76
Professor Richard Crisp Head of Department 43276 L52 Contact Richard Crisp
Dr Alexander Easton Associate Professor (Reader) 43257 RH006
Professor Amanda Ellison Professor 40430 RH011
Professor Charles Fernyhough Professor (0.5) 48143
Dr Anna Grubert Assistant Professor 40447 E003
Dr Mary Hanley Associate Professor 43239 L62
Dr Markus Hausmann Associate Professor 43286 L53
Dr Niklas Ihssen Assistant Professor 40808 E022 Contact Niklas Ihssen
Dr Bob Kentridge Associate Professor (Reader) 43261 L48A
Dr Alison Lane Assistant Professor 40431 RH005
Dr Colin Lever Associate Professor 43260 L15
Dr Anthony McGregor Associate Professor (Reader) 43277 L63
Dr Marko Nardini Associate Professor (Reader) 43255 L71
Professor Claire O'Malley Professor
Dr Maria Olkkonen Assistant Professor 43266 RH012
Dr Nadja Reissland Associate Professor 43287 , 43278 (lab) L75
Professor Deborah Riby Professor 43247 L60
Dr David Sanderson Associate Professor 43242 L10
Dr Daniel Smith Associate Professor 40436 L73
Dr Lore Thaler Associate Professor 43290 L61
Professor Graham Towl Professor 43245 RH014
Dr Julie Van de Vyver Assistant Professor L56
Dr Milica Vasiljevic Assistant Professor RH007 Contact Milica Vasiljevic
Dr Mario Weick Associate Professor RH004
Dr Holger Wiese Associate Professor 40433 L80 Contact Holger Wiese
Administrative Responsibilities: Dr Ulrik Beierholm Travel Placement Approver 43249 L13
Dr Lynda Boothroyd Director of Research 43289 L72
Dr Judith Covey Director of Postgraduate Education 40104 RH002
Dr Dorothy Cowie C800 Admissions Tutor 43270 L76
Professor Amanda Ellison Director of Impact 40430 RH011
Dr Anthony McGregor Director of Undergraduate Education 43277 L63
Dr Marko Nardini Director of Postgraduate Research 43255 L71
Dr David Sanderson C800 Programme Director (Student Experience) 43242 L10
Dr David Sanderson Academic Lead: Student-Staff Consultative Committee (C800) 43242 L10
Dr Daniel Smith C817 Programme Director (Student Experience) 40436 L73
Dr Daniel Smith Academic Lead: Student-Staff Consultative Committee (C817) 40436 L73
Dr Holger Wiese C800 Admissions Tutor 40433 L80
Teaching Staff: Dr Yan Birch Teaching Fellow L54
Ms Nazire Duran International Student Support Tutor 43275 RH016 Contact Nazire Duran
Dr Blossom Fernandes Teaching Fellow 43238 L65 Contact Blossom Fernandes
Dr Adam Goody Assistant Professor (Teaching) 40154 E004 Contact Adam Goody
Dr Ala Hola Assistant Professor (Teaching) 43282 L78
Andrew J. Marcinko Teaching Fellow
Dr Paddy Ross Teaching Fellow 43279 L65
Mr Robert Swalwell Teaching Fellow 40474 L54 Contact Robert Swalwell
Emeritus Staff: Professor John Findlay Emeritus Professor
Professor David Milner Emeritus Professor Contact David Milner
Professor David Over Emeritus Professor 40102 RH017
Associated Staff: Mr James Good History of Human Sciences Journal 40102 RH017
Research Staff: Dr Ben Alderson-Day Assistant Professor (Research) 48147 CA121
Dr Stacey Aston Research Associate 43993 L11 Contact Stacey Aston
Dr Joe M Austen Research Associate L43
Miss Laura-ashleigh Bird Research Assistant 43993 L11 Contact Laura-ashleigh Bird
Dr Soazig Casteau Research Associate 40105 E002 Contact Soazig Casteau
Miss Clare Collyer Project Manager (0.5) 43275 RH016 Contact Clare Collyer
Dr Laura Coulthard Research Associate 43272 L55 Contact Laura Coulthard
Dr James Dachtler Assistant Professor (Research) 49148 L12
Dr Janna Gottwald Research Associate 43993 L11 Contact Janna Gottwald
Dr Emma Huntley Research Assistant 43245 L16 Contact Emma Huntley
Dr Andrew Martin Research Associate Contact Andrew Martin
Dr Kaja Mitrenga Research Assistant Contact Kaja Mitrenga
Dr Peter Moseley Research Associate 48166 G009
Dr James Negen Research Associate 43272 L55 Contact James Negen
Dr Liam Norman Research Associate 43245 L16 Contact Liam Norman
Dr Steven Poulter Research Associate 43275 RH016 Contact Steven Poulter
Dr Sarah Thompson Research Associate 43275 RH016 Contact Sarah Thompson
Research Student: Ms Marie Anna Alkan Research Postgraduate Contact Marie Anna Alkan
Miss Diane Austry Research Postgraduate
Miss Rebekah-danielle Brockbank Research Postgraduate Contact Rebekah-danielle Brockbank
Ms Alessia Cacace Research Postgraduate L70
Miss Josefina Castillo-serrano Research Postgraduate Contact Josefina Castillo-serrano
Mr Chang-mao Chao Research Postgraduate L70 Contact Chang-mao Chao
Miss Sally Clausen Research Postgraduate L57/58 Contact Sally Clausen
Miss Kirsten Crane Research Postgraduate
Mr Michael-John Derges Research Postgraduate Contact Michael-John Derges
Mrs Natalia Dutra Research Postgraduate L57/58 Contact Natalia Dutra
Dr Denis Fischbacher-smith Research Postgraduate Contact Denis Fischbacher-smith
Miss Suzanne Froggatt Research Postgraduate Contact Suzanne Froggatt
Miss Emily Grew Research Postgraduate L70
Miss Emine Gurbuz Research Postgraduate
Miss Kristina Habjan Research Postgraduate Contact Kristina Habjan
Ms Miranda Hines Research Postgraduate L57/58 Contact Miranda Hines
Miss Elizabeth Jones Research Postgraduate Contact Elizabeth Jones
Ms Reneta Kiryakova Research Postgraduate Contact Reneta Kiryakova
Mr Nathanael Larigaldie Research Postgraduate Contact Nathanael Larigaldie
Miss Linda Lidborg Research Postgraduate Contact Linda Lidborg
Miss Jiawei Liu Research Postgraduate Contact Jiawei Liu
Miss Georgina Michallat-bragg Research Postgraduate Contact Georgina Michallat-bragg
Miss Rachel Mowbray Research Postgraduate Contact Rachel Mowbray
Mr Azuwan Musa Research Postgraduate E104 Contact Azuwan Musa
Ms Kasey Philyaw Research Postgraduate Contact Kasey Philyaw
Mr Joshua Podmore Research Postgraduate Contact Joshua Podmore
Mr Jonathan Reardon Research Postgraduate L43 Contact Jonathan Reardon
Mrs Barbara-Anne Robertson Research Postgraduate
Miss Jasmin Strickland Research Postgraduate L69c Contact Jasmin Strickland
Mr Matthew Thompson Research Postgraduate Contact Matthew Thompson
Miss Simone Tuettenberg Research Postgraduate E104
Ms Rebecca Wedge-roberts Research Postgraduate L11 Contact Rebecca Wedge-roberts
Secretarial Staff: Ms Janet Cooper Department Manager 43285 L51
Mr Peter Fawcett Support Secretary 43264 Main Office (L49)
Ms Ruth Jowett Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator 40100 Main Office (L49) Contact Ruth Jowett
Mrs Carolyn Loughlin PA to the Head of Department 43237 L51
Mr David O'Donnell Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator 43262 Main Office (L49) d.j.o'
Mrs Sandra Taylor Receptionist & Support Secretary 43240 Reception (L67) Contact Sandra Taylor
Mrs Norma Twomey Postgraduate Co-ordinator 43273 Main Office (L49) Contact Norma Twomey
Mrs Julia Warbrick Postgraduate Support Secretary (Wed 12-3 & Thurs - Fri) 43291 Main Office (L49)
Technical Staff: Mr Andrew Long Mechanical Technician 43256 L8 / L19
Mrs Elaine Stanton IT & Network Technician 43236 L18
Mr Simon Thurlbeck Laboratory Technician 43288 L18 Contact Simon Thurlbeck
Honorary Staff: Dr Donald Brechin Honorary Fellow Contact Donald Brechin
Dr Stephen Evans Honorary Fellow Contact Stephen Evans
Dr Sayed Kazmi Visiting Associate Contact Sayed Kazmi
Mr Manjunath Prasad Honorary Fellow
Dr Harriet Rosenthal Honorary Fellow
Dr Mu Sun Honorary Fellow Contact Mu Sun
Dr Tammi Walker Honorary Fellow Contact Tammi Walker
Miscellaneous: Mr Andrew Long Health and Safety Coordinator 43256 L8 / L19