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Department of Physics

Entry requirements

Specific requirements for Physics

Please use the links below to find specific entry requirements for our courses:

BSc Physics F300

MPhys Physics F301

MPhys Physics and Astronomy FF3N

MPhys Theoretical Physics F344

The entry requirements for the Natural Science degree which enables Physics to be combined with a wide range of other subjects, including joint honours degrees in Mathematics & Physics, Chemistry & Physics can be found on the Natural Sciences pages.

The Physics Department accepts the Advanced Diploma in Engineering as an entry qualification for the M.Phys. and B.Sc. degree courses provided that the applicant achieves equivalent grades to our current A level standard offer AND suitable maths and physics modules have been taken and passed at an equivalent grade to our current A level requirements. Any advanced diploma will be accepted as equivalent to a third A level in addition to A levels in Physics and Mathematics, provided that the applicant achieves grades equivalent to our current A level standard offer.

The above requirements do not rule out the possibility of accepting suitable and well-motivated students from non-traditional backgrounds, who do not meet the stated requirements. Your application will be judged primarily on the basis of the evidence it gives about your ability to study, your enthusiasm, and your potential to benefit from the academic opportunities on offer.