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Durham University

Department of Physics


These pages will offer guidelines to what to put in your report and how to structure it.

The pages found here are essentially cut-down versions of the longer documents found at the bottom of this page. If you want more information, try reading those.

Main Report

You can read our brief overview of what should be in a scientific report by clicking here or going to the Structure tab on the left.

Written Style

The style of language you use in your report is important. For tips on how to write your report in the scientific style, go to the English section.


For help on how to reference your sources, click here or go to the References tab on the left.

Equations and Symbols

For guidelines on how to include equations and mathematical symbols in your report, click here or go to the Equations tab on the left.


For guidelines on how to use units in your reports, click here or go to the units tab on the left.

Level 1 and Other Resources

For Level 1, or if you desire something more in depth, we also have the following resources.

Note that those marked Level 1 will, for the most part, still be relevant to higher years: