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Durham University

Department of Physics

Research-led Investigation


The Research-led investigation takes place in the Epiphany term after the electronics Laboratory sessions.

It consists of a single experiment lasting for six experimental sessions. The experiments are varied and designed to enable you to develop the experiment in a way that interests you and that you see fit.


Before the experiment you will be expected to have read through the lab script and understood any unfamiliar terminology and done some background reading on the experiment topic. You can find the lab scripts on DUO.

On starting the experiment you will be expected to have formulated an experimental plan which should described in an online Journal.

Due to the variety of experiments, each experiment will have different risks associated with it. Please be aware of the safety information relevant to your experiment!

You can find samples scripts from previous years, but DO NOT use these for your lab session. The scripts for your year will be available on your DUO under Laboratory Skills and Electronics > Course Documents > Research-led Investigation.

Using an Oxford Instruments Cryostat