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Durham University

Department of Physics

Use of departmental IT facilities

The University Regulations for the Use of University IT Facilities (hereinafter the 'University's IT Regulations'), which apply to all members of the University, are contained in Section XII of the General Regulations of the University, available in Volume I of the University Calendar. These University Regulations allow for additional regulations to be specified by academic departments.

The Department of Physics will treat unauthorised attempts by students to gain access (by 'hacking' or otherwise) to departmental IT systems (including, but not limited to, departmental administrative and teaching-related databases) as an infringement of the University's IT and Discipline regulations and therefore might ultimately result in expulsion from the University, if the matter were referred to Senate Discipline Committee. Students will be reminded of this annually.

In cases of suspected infringement, the Department will follow a process similar to the University's Procedures for Dealing with Suspected Plagiarism and Collusion except that the matter will be dealt with by the Director of Undergraduate Studies rather than by the Chairman of the Board of Examiners. It may include the penalties described in Section VII(a) of the University's IT regulations, i.e., imposing a fine on the student (up to a maximum of £225), requiring the student to pay compensation, withdrawing departmental IT facilities or referring the case to Senate Discipline Committee (if the offence is so serious that expulsion should be considered) or to the Registrar if legal proceedings should be initiated. For these purposes the 'Authorised University Officer' is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Physics. Students have a right of appeal to Senate Discipline Committee against any sanction imposed by the Department (as described in paragraph 8(a) General Regulation IV: Discipline).