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+I'm a Level 1 physics student and am considering transferring to Natural Sciences for next year. Where can I find more information about this process?

See the Natural Sciences web page https://www.dur.ac.uk/natural.sciences/current/existing/ regarding transfers into Natural Sciences at the end of Year 1.

Regarding the Bridge Projects, which take place in the period immediately after the Level 1 exams in June, if you will definitely not be continuing with a physics degree and will not be taking the module PHYS2641 Laboratory Skills and Electronics in year 2 then you don’t need to do a Bridge Project, but our advice is to do one anyway, on the grounds that (a) it’s good experience and normally fun, (b) if there’s a possibility that you might change your mind about the transfer, (c) such transfers are normally subject to getting an average mark of at least 55% at Level 1 – there is inevitably an element of uncertainty here and Level 1 exam results are not published until after the Bridge Projects period.

The Bridge Project sign-up process takes place early in the Easter Term. If you make a decision to not to participate then please let the Bridge Projects leader know at that point, to avoid uneven group sizes and wasted resources.