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Frequently-asked questions

List of FAQs

+What should I do if I need to miss an academic commitment in order to attend a job interview?

Job interviews, family weddings, etc. do not count as "reasons beyond your control" and therefore a Self-Certification form is not appropriate in such cases. However, if for good reason, such as an interview, you need to miss academic commitments then you must seek departmental approval well in advance (ideally 1–2 weeks before your absence). Permission will not be withheld unreasonably; however, it is your responsibility to plan ahead and attempt to make suitable arrangements, such as finding out whether there is an alternative class that you could attend. You should email with the subject line "Request to miss academic commitments" and state the following details clearly in the body of your email (preferably in the form of a list like this):

  • the start date of your requested absence;
  • the end date of your requested absence;
  • the reason for the absence;
  • the academic commitments affected;
  • the arrangements you will make for making up for any missed commitments.

Departmental approval will be confirmed by email. Whilst reasonable requests will normally be treated sympathetically, you should not make any assumptions in advance. Such approval will apply only in respect of the academic commitment(s) listed and agreed, and not to any other deadlines, assessments or classes. In particular, you should not expect to be excused from submitting weekly problems; rather, you are responsible for planning ahead to meet these deadlines.

Please note that the above procedure applies only to physics academic commitments. If you are taking modules in other departments then you will need to contact those departments separately.

If you have any questions about the procedure then please speak with the Learning and Teaching Manager.

(If you are resident in college then you should also follow the college's signing-out procedures if you need to be away for any reason.)