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Durham University

Department of Physics

Use of electronic calculators in examinations

Faculty of Science Policy

  • The use of electronic calculators is allowed in some module examinations and other module assessments.
  • Each student taking modules offered by departments or schools within the Faculty of Science, which specify that calculators be allowed in assessments, will be offered a calculator, free of charge, at the beginning of their course. The model will be a Casio fx-83 GTX or a Casio fx-85 GTX.
  • Calculators will become the property of students who will be responsible for their upkeep. No replacement calculators will be provided free of charge, but may be available to purchase from departments/schools, depending on availability. The specified calculator will also be generally available, in shops and online, should a replacement purchase be necessary.
  • Where the use of calculators is allowed in assessments, including examinations, the only models that will be allowed are: Casio fx-83 GTX or Casio fx-85 GTX or Casio fx-83 GTPLUS or Casio fx-85 GTPLUS.
  • In particular, examination invigilators will refuse to allow a candidate to use any calculator other than the model(s) specified, which will be explicitly stated on the front of the examination paper.
  • During examinations no sharing of calculators between candidates will be permitted, nor will calculators or replacement batteries be supplied by the Department or the Student Planning and Assessment Office.

The University reserves the right to alter these rules if appropriate, giving reasonable notice.

The University examination regulations contain the provision that taking information stored in the memory of a calculator into an examination, unless specifically permitted in the rubric for a particular examination paper, will be treated as cheating, thereby constituting a major offence (for which a candidate may be rusticated or expelled from the university). An invigilator may immediately suspend a candidate believed to be cheating or dismiss him/her from an examination. Spot checks on calculators may be made.