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Department of Physics

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Dr David Rosario

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Physics

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Journal Article

  • Davies, Richard I., Hicks, E.K.S., Erwin, P., Burtscher, L., Contursi, A., Genzel, R., Janssen, A., Koss, M., Lin, M.-Y., Lutz, D., Maciejewski, W., Müller-Sánchez, F., Orban de Xivry, G., Ricci, C., Riffel, R., Riffel, R.A., Rosario, D., Schartmann, M., Schnorr-Müller, A., Shimizu, T., Sternberg, A., Sturm, E., Storchi-Bergmann, T., Tacconi, L. & Veilleux, S. (2017). The Role of Host Galaxy for the Environmental Dependence of Active Nuclei in Local Galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 466(4): 4917-4927.