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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Sheckelton, J.P., Foronda, F.R. Pan, L.D. Moir, C., McDonald, R.D. Lancaster, T., Baker, P.J. Armitage, N.P. Imai, T., Blundell, S.J. & McQueen, T.M. (2014). Local magnetism and spin correlations in the geometrically frustrated cluster magnet LiZn2Mo3O8. Physical Review B: condensed matter and materials physics 89(6): 064407.

Author(s) from Durham


LiZn 2 Mo 3 O 8 has been proposed to contain S=½ Mo 3 O 13 magnetic clusters arranged on a triangular lattice with antiferromagnetic nearest-neighbor interactions. Here, microwave and terahertz electron spin resonance, Li 7 nuclear magnetic resonance, and muon spin rotation spectroscopies are used to characterize the local magnetic properties of LiZn 2 Mo 3 O 8 . These results show the magnetism in LiZn 2 Mo 3 O 8 arises from a single isotropic S=½ electron per cluster and that there is no static long-range magnetic ordering down to T = 0.07 K. Further, there is evidence of gapless spin excitations with spin fluctuations slowing down as the temperature is lowered. These data indicate strong spin correlations, which, together with previous data, suggest a low-temperature resonating valence-bond state in LiZn 2 Mo 3 O 8 .