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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Publication details for Professor Tom Lancaster

Lancaster, T., Giblin, S.R. Allodi, G. Bordignon, S., Mazzani, M., De Renzi, R., Freeman, P.G. Baker, P.J. Pratt, F.L. Babkevich, P., Blundell, S.J. Boothroyd, A.T., Moller, J.S. & Prabhakaran, D. (2014). Stripe disorder and dynamics in the hole-doped antiferromagnetic insulator La5/3Sr1/3CoO4. Physical Review B: condensed matter and materials physics 89(2): 020405(R).

Author(s) from Durham


We investigate the magnetic ordering and dynamics of the stripe phase of La 5/3 Sr 1/3 CoO 4 , a material shown to have an hourglass magnetic excitation spectrum. A combination of muon-spin relaxation, nuclear magnetic resonance, and magnetic susceptibility measurements strongly suggest that the physics is determined by a partially disordered configuration of charge and spin stripes whose frustrated magnetic degrees of freedom are dynamic at high temperature and which undergo an ordering transition around 35 K with coexisting dynamics that freeze out in a glassy manner as the temperature is further reduced.