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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Brooks, M.L., Lancaster, T., Blundell, S.J., Pratt, F.L., Pham, L.D. & Fisk, Z. (2006). μSR studies of the hexaboride system EuxCa1-xB6. Physica B condensed matter 374-375: 26-29.

Author(s) from Durham


We report the results of transverse field (TF) and zero-field (ZF) μSR measurements on the hexaboride system EuxCa1-xB6. EuB6 is a semimetallic ferromagnet that magnetically orders via two transitions at View the MathML source and View the MathML source, with colossal magnetoresistance accompanying the higher temperature transition. New TF μSR measurements on EuB6 allow us to follow the temperature evolution of the local magnetic field distribution through the two magnetic transitions. Substitution of Ca for Eu dilutes the magnetic sublattice, causing a substantial suppression of the transition temperature, with the transition completely removed when the doping level approaches the three-dimensional site percolation limit, xp=0.31. ZF experiments on doped samples, 0.35⩽x⩽1, enable a sensitive local-probe exploration of the order and dynamics across the phase diagram.